Please nerfd tower Rush more!,some suggest

Tower were so power , most people use it to attack.Tower Rush would be a choose rather than a necessary!Its diffiult to solve in the early game. I am glad to see tower has been nerfd in second season,but its not enough. So,i suggest.
1.Arrow slit emplacements bonus range decreased from +1 to 0(Longer range limits farmers’ Acquisition);
2.Tower will cost 150 wood;
3.Only castle ability to purchase the Cannon emplacement(Cannon emplacement tower stronger than castle,it`s so absurd);
4.Cancel Fortify Outpost(if you dont have siege weapon,you cant solve the tower with Fortify Outpost)


Strategy game without any strategies is not strategy game. Game is heading to one dimensional hell hole when devs listen low elo players


If you have watch Golden League,you will find almost all Mongolia use tower rush.I think its not a healthy way to win the game.Besides ,I’ve talked to a lot of high players(Diamonds and conquer),they also think tower rush were powerful.


Everybody under DIA III should be consider as low-elo …

Only top-top tier players understand what is too strong (broken) and which civs (or units) need some crucial changes.


Didn’t watch golden league because I find casters dull and boring. Mongols got lot of different things that affect TR and not just towers.

Nerffing towers also affect every civ unless its made civ specific changes and in this post request was to nerf all TR, but nerfin towers generally also nerfs defending which is stupid.

I watch SC2 KR pro scene closely and watched every season of pro tournaments and there is plenty of rushes / cheeses that are done constant bases and yet no one thinks they’re OP, because if defender scouts it and acts accordingly its free win to defender so it adds also mind game aspect. “this player is known to do cannon rushes so I bbetter not skip scouting or I might get screwed” then defender scouts everywhere while opponent had no plans of rushing cannons or anything.

Every ■■■■■■ gameplay startegy in AOE4 is “op” by low elo players and constant whining has resulted massive amounts of nerfs. Stone wall tower rush was removed, rams were nerffed to ground, siege nerffed to ground. Soon map is split to 2 domains and only domain owner can build structures there. This is stupid.

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longbow has 7 range and you want arrow slit towers to have 6 range?? On top of not being able to hit longbows you want to increase the cost by 50%?

Bad ideas IMO.

If instead they wanted to increase the build time on towers from 45 seconds to 55 seconds… decent nerf and mor e than enough.


I think tower rush won’t be issue in team-games anymore. Since landmark victory is changed you can easily move toward a teammate. It will be more punishing for the one who tower rushed. Also with range reduced I think tower rush will not be that much of a problem.

We saw MarineLord get absolutely constricted by Kasva the other day on Drongo’s channel, Age of Empires 4 - We Need To Talk About Outposts - YouTube

Tower rushing games are boring to watch as a spectator It’s just t-20 min until tapout, and it’s a low effort strategy that doesn’t highlight unit synergies.

What do you think about the solution of having a proximity limit around your town centers in which you can place towers within? If you wanted to tower rush, you’d have to invest in a forward TC to establish the proximity, then throw down the outposts. I believe that would make tower rushing a much riskier strategy and effectively nerf its feudal effectiveness due to the TC resources/time investment alone.

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It`s irrelevantIf with ELO point.Earnings you get from Tower Rush far more than the risk.If your opponent build a tower around your golden and wood he only cost 100 wood and 50 resources to purchase the Arrow slit ,but you have to build a smithy ,research technology and cost 300wood to build Ram.When you finish this your opponent already reach the castle age.Do you think its fair?
Of course ,you can collect resources in the field。But it means your farmer will more dangerous.If you want persuade me ,please provid evidence instead of use low elo point to conceal。

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Maybe developers can balance distinguish 1V1and team-games,because 1V1 map so small.Tower Rush in the 1V1 were so powerful

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May be my suggest not the best, but tower should change.

PUP reduced the range on arrow slits and extend the duration between reoccurring attack notifications. The most they should extra to reduce the tower rush a bit is extend the build time by 10s. The idea SHOULD NOT BE to remove TR.

Not even remotely true at all. What you’re now typing is literally proof that you do not know how to react to tower rush.

Tower costs 100 wood.
Arrow Slit / hand cannon costs 50 stone and 25 gold

Alongside this opponent pulls x amount of workers. Gather rate for 1 worker is around 40 resources per minute. More they pull, more they lose.

So easily 1x tower with said setup costs opponent close to 200 resources which gives you huge advantage early on.

Around 5min mark civs got 20-23 workers. Pulling 2 workers means they lose 10% for duration they’re building towers. More they pull more they lose

Tower Rush is huge investment already and if you fail to use this to your advantage then its on you and not on tactic.

Now how to deal with the rush. You don’t go damn rams. LOL. So what if opponent tower rushes your gold? You should already be in feudal or close to feudal when tower rush starts and rusher puts themselves behind in tech which means you got age advantage too.

General strategy for all civs - Archery range and relocate all workers to different resource locations to keep up gathering. This causes defender to lose some mining time + 50 wood for gathering building which is still lot less than what rushers investment. Get few archers out to stop any new towers coming up and securing part of map for your workers to safely gather resources.

With this strategy you will always get ahead by large margin while opponent is wasting resources on towers that do hardly anything.

Strategy that I use as Chinese - BBQ gold always and go fast castle. I hit castle with prof scout in 7:30-9min mark. Every tower that they put will give me massive lead and result me to just walk to their base and killing all their villager.

Key part is to understand that opponent that does TR. They do not have anything back in home so counter attack will is devastating.

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I agree they are quite strong, my idea was that towers shouldn’t be able to shoot if they are garrisoned without a weapon emplacement or the base upgrade, this would prevent 1 villager with 100 wood from being an icbm launcher, and mean towers actually require some considerable investment. I don’t think scouts or cavalry should be able to garrison in them either.

I wander what anoying rush will replace rush tower. And i recon it will be more anoying (i don’t want that but it always happens after an overnerf).

Because if my intuition is right the devs will delete it eventually. Not because it has no counters , not because it’s hard to deal with it , but because they listen too much.

This one i agree with.

If it was me i would allow only ranged units in the tower. (but i might be wrong).

That’s why most of the pros are in contact with the ballance department team. But the i believe the devs want to ballance for the low elo as well. Thats why some overnerfs appear every patch.

They don’t listen too much but listen wrong community followed by the fact that they’re keen to try pleasing all modes 1v1 and TG’s which will never work. They need to make their mind regarding which mode is the important and which are the secondary position and balance things around it.

AOE4 is not strategy game anymore because devs are purely pushing game towards standard play only because lower elo players want to sit in base and do simcity for 30-40mins before fighting


This is a very good take. If they try to please everyone they end up upsetting everyone.

beasty would win against Kasva - so example is irrelevant. ML probably should learn how to play the game, watch some youtube videos “how to defend against”.

but 99% advices about TR - learn how to play.
Meanwhile even Top1 has some problems.

they will check how it’s done for aoe2.
and just give villagers more bonus dmg.

if opponent move army away - vils can clear towers. (mb even get some wood)

Never worked in SC2. Worked perfectly in aoe2.
So your statement is wrong, just need to balance.

This proves i’m not quite that wrong. I don’t care about aoe 2 and i don’t want Aoe 4 to go in that direction. And i don’t believe i’m the only one.

And this forum is prof that what is considered good to some is bad to someone else.

So my statement still stands. You can’t please everyone so you need to chose wich one to please.

You call losing a game has some problems? With this sentence we should look to nerf EVERY tactic in game because someone has lost to it.

Never has worked in single game where developers try to balance things around multiple different modes with same rules and never will. Not in AOE2 not in AOE3, not in SC1, not in SC2, not in WC3. Its impossible task which will never be achieved.

Heard enough how AOE2 or 3 is more balanced and better then go play it. Moment I load stats from AOE2 I can see clearly its not balanced not even close to it