Please no house auto generating resources

Refer to AOE3 including DE.

This really breaks the game balance, which is fail design in RTS game, the villager won’t be raided, being attacked still generating resources, etc… damaged the RTS game core.

Now the AOE3 unranked team game, can see Japan, Sweden, Dutch and Inca in every game, which let me feel this game only remain these civs.


Yes, you right, also no auto generate Castle and Tower Center like aoe3 no fun at all for both player and spectator.
and pls dont balance around limiting building number or area to build like aoe3/aom for TC… give freedom to gameplay

thats a huge issue in aoe 3 people for a hour of gameplay manage to build walls out of barracks like 50 barracks on the map ? thats a pure ■■■■■■■■…

no, late-game should be about massive battles not about replenishing farms

even aoe2 de don’t use manual reseeding
why aoe4 should use 1990s manual reseeding?


This is not reseeding, is Aoe3 some buildings, when you built it, it will like a villager gathering resources. Keep giving you incoming unless they get destroyed.

God, this is like your third topic created saying that houses that generate resources are OP, and 2 created that Sweden and japan are bad designed. (AoE3)

Chill dude, it’s a matter of taste, some people love it. If every civs is the same it gets bored


I know some people love it but it actually breaking the RTS gameplay. Especially not only in this forum and only me mentioned this totally crappy design.

You know that I have several posts already and you should know the reasons.

This is aoe4 sure I will try to convince devs not to do the same thing again.