Please please please give us an option to disable AI kiting

It’s getting to indescribable levels of ridiculousness, the way these AI’s can micro every single ranged unit perfectly with unlimited APM. During campaigns when facing enemies with lots of ranged cavalry, I’m just spending all my time individually chasing down all ranged units… It takes forever for them to finally stop kiting and fight… Usually you’re forced to chase them down across half the map, unless you have fast mounted units yourself and even then still it’s way more annoying than it should be…

Why is this a thing? I dont remember this being a problem in the original and/or HD. You’d just run up to the ranged unit and have a fair fight.

Please dear devs, give us an option to toggle AI kiting on or off, it’s r e a l l y sucking the fun out of this otherwise truly wonderful game. /sob


ik the kitting is rly annoying, but


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I might be wrong but isn’t the kiting dependent on the difficulty? I’ve been playing some campaigns on standard when I didn’t feel trying too hard and I was killing CAs and mamelukes in the most stupid ways with Tatar infantry…

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It will be possible to disable AI kiting and dodging when developers implement AI override system, which I have suggested to them (developer reacted to it in Discord and put it into tracker). With that system it would be possible to define mod with AI script, which gets added to the end of every loaded AI file. This way you could force all AIs to have no kiting/dodging.

AI kiting and dodging are really poor mechanics IMO.

I would be okay with kiting, if AI would do it with grouped units with limited APM, like humans do. This way you could send big group of cavalry to chase them all down, while AI couldn’t use its APM elsewhere. But because AI kites with each ranged unit individually, you have to micromanage your units to properly split between them, otherwise they will chase them one-by-one, which is very inefficient. Individual unit kiting is just too unfair and annoying to play against.

Dodging is unfair because AI can react to projectile shots instantly and perfectly, which is very overpowered vs mangonels, bombard cannons, etc.

Sure? It seems similar to me in DE. What scenarios are you playing on what difficulty?

Heavy cavalry is best way how to chase down AI kiters IMO. Skirmishers are too slow/weak (get killed by other units).

Kiting is defined separately for each AI player in each scenario and depends on difficulty. It might be, that tatar campaign scenarios have defined very low amount of kiting for AI players on standard difficulty. “Put difficulty to standard” is not a good advice though, if player otherwise enjoys higher difficulty, expect for this individual unit kiting BS.
Losing CAs/mamelukes to infantry is perfectly normal, when they have no meatshield or cheat-like infinite APM.

Btw, here are results of couple of relevant polls from beta forums:


You don’t need to chase AI kiters with skirmishers, they won’t try to kite as hard when the enemy has as much or similar range than them. This is much better when you just want to stand your ground (if you just want to defend an area) and is way cheaper than using knights. (+ u can attack them even if they’re behind walls)
Also you can use other units together with skirmishers to protect them from non-archer units.

If you have the gold tho u can still go for knights