Please prohibit game drop activities

Please keep an eye on the game drop that the other person forces with Alt+F4.

In the current quick match, many opponents play game drop actions using Alt+F4 if the game doesn’t go as they think.

Games that have ended like this are not reflected in the record.

In particular, I will not play games for the time being because I feel very unpleasant when I am subjected to this kind of action in a long-term war of more than 40 minutes.

The way to prevent this behavior is too simple.
If it is forcibly terminated, it will be resolved by defeating the person who terminated it.

In addition, these actions in team matches cause more unpleasant results. The game ends with unpleasant experiences for both team members and opponents who thought it was doable. (If it’s a 4:4 game, there are 7 victims)

I don’t know exactly whether this is a cheater act or a simple Alt+F4 act, but it must be resolved.

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I can confirm this.

Happened to me twice.

Once after I made a wonder.
Second after we roll trough enemy units.

Situations was like one played dropped completely. Game went on for like 1 min. and suddenly we all dropped. Game is sometimes not even recorded in match history.