Please release an immediate hotfix for issues that have been pointed out repeatedly since closed beta

Gameplay wise, the game is great. I’m sure there are some very nuanced bugs and some incredibly rare game breaking bugs. While those are important, they can also wait. Please just fix the easy and obvious issues that the community has been asking to fix for literal months now.

That you cannot keybind side mouse button keys in a game in 2021 is such a ■■■■■■■ joke. Does no one in Relic play with modern mice? I cannot think of a single game in the last 10 years where I did not actively use the side mouse button. There are countless games from literally the 90’s that have side mouse button functionality, yet a modern $60 competitive RTS game with decades of legacy and a cult fanbase doesn’t? That to me is the most egregious error, but there are many others that have been pointed out. No random civ, no choosing colors, some weird UI choices, awful hotkey settings, etc. I’m sure I’m missing some, but seriously, how is that two minor studios that have done remasters in the last 2-4 years have done a better job at UI than you guys?

It is honestly disheartening and a bit pathetic that the most anticipated RTS in the last decade is dropping with less UI and general customization than games released by studios with less than 5 people. You guys have done a great job with the big picture in this game. Balancing and modernizing a franchise that has a masterpiece (AoE2) and two cult classics (AoM, AoE3) is very hard to do, and you guys have done a very good job at doing it. I personally believe DoW3 wasn’t that bad on release and you guys have certainly learned from that experience, as the issues there (accommodating two incredibly different game styles from DoW1 and DoW2 for DoW3) have been handled significantly better here. Your lack of polish on the easy to do minor details is almost unforgivable. If this wasn’t one of the most anticipated releases for RTS, you guys would have been crucified. Luckily literally every fan of the genre is happy for a AAA release for an RTS. Now that you have better financial backing please go and fix your game immediately!

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