Please Relic don't wait until spring update to make balance changes

Now that steelSeries Cup has finished and has been a few weeks since last patch, I think the game need several balance changes. I know balance never gonna be perfect but I hope you don’t pretend to balance a RTS game giving us balance change every 2 months, I know new features and bug corrections are on the way, but balance needs to be frecuently not every 3 months. please don’t mix balance changes with features or bug corrections, I am sure that by making small modifications you will be able to easily modify stats from units. at least that’s how it was in previous games

The game has a big comunity a lot of good players of different comunities are playing, big tournaments, etc. don’t let the players base get bored watching by months the same civs being too good (RUS - Mongols)


Unfortunately, the balance of the game is not modified by Microsoft’s game studio, but by relic. This will be slow.

Relic takes ages to make any change lol

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Relic:HappyChristmass!HappyNewYear! :kissing_heart:

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They need to… age up?

I’ll find the exit, thank you.

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why this should be slow?
the only thing they need to do is change a number “x” save and close…
so im not sure why they are so slow
ofc new balance should be update with 2weeks max with hotfix and 1 month for general and a lot of balances

that’s what I said, simple changes like Horse archer cost or that kind of things should not take much time to change