Please remove fog in this patch

the fog makes the game not enjoyable


You want to remove… the fog of war…?

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What on earth is that a picture of?

that fog of sand floating or i dont know what it is, it can be seen only on desert maps

see the diference


It’s the fog/dust effect that only becomes visible on super far zoom levels. Pretty much ruins the farthest zoom settings on certain maps.


no, it happens only on desert maps

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Zoom in and it will go away.

yes but, its annoying, there is no reason to have that fog

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I had a quick play around with the settings. Seems to be fixed by turning off the bloom effect.

nah, it doesnt work, i have all graphics off. Devs must remove it, believe me that fog is not needed. It only dont let see units and there is no way to deactivate it


Yeah, i agree. The weird sandstorm effect that shows up when you use ludicrous zoom makes it pointless to use ludicrous zoom. Other maps don’t have this effect, at best they have a very faint green fog.

This could also simply be a bug of the zoom…