Please remove petard spawn in TC, Unkown map

I’m talking about these lines of code, which make 4 Gaia petards spawn in your base. They are not possible to kill starting the match and it becomes unplayable from the first moment. When trying to play ranked on this map it’s just frustrating.


Some Unkown stuff is funny, but this breaks the progression of a normal game. Please remove it @vividlyplain

Wait how are you playing ranked on Unknown? :thinking:


Ranked treaty and others can only be played in casual rooms.

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vivid explained that with this spawn, the petards are supposed to blow up your tc, but you get enough starting wood to build a new tc. It is supposed to be nomad start style game with funny petard meme.

But for some reason petards bug out and attacks the vills, so it never attacks the tc. Maybe if the petard units are only coded to attack tc, it will play out as intended.


Lol that is an amazing Unknown start! nobody would expect to get attacked right from the get go. I’d always thought unknown maps gave you advantages not a surprise attack.

The map is always been good since it was created, it gives something refreshing for players bored of the same standard maps.

I was referring to custom ranked games, but yeah I see in the code you don’t get that in treaty mode.

That’s the part that breaks the game, it’s just a meme spawn. Honestly childish and unnecessary.

I didnt even know this was a thing, havent gotten it yet on unknown

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im not going to lie but when i saw the video i couldn’t stop laughing lol xD


Yep, I guess that’s the only porpouse.

I got it provoked for the video but is a low probability, yet I got it a couple of times. I guess is luck, hah

Also Deathmatch, hmm.

Really? I liked it then and I like it now. Just not the petard thing.

  • Also is kinda unbalance for some civs like USA and MEX because explorer cant builds TC, so they do it slower.
  • And the “Starting TC aura” disappears, so enemies can build too close to your base.
  • Near gaia units will also attack you
  • Sometimes 2 petard survives and also start attacking your units.

Lol I think this is great! Weird things happen on unknown and that’s part of the fun.


It seems to me you could have your vils melee mode and kill a couple of those by popping out of the tc. This would make it so they couldn’t bring it down and give you a huge advantage. It’s actually a risky tactic.

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Yeah, i also thought about that. Villies should be able to melee them.

i think if you wanna play treaty either specifically choose a treaty map or the treaty map pool option. choosing unknown is asking for trouble even without this.


the map preset isnt meant to be balanced, its meant to be funny. there is a reason you cant play it in ranked.