Please remove that very long message that etiopia units make when kill units


the long text doesnt allow view

this should bea high priority imo


Indeed, if the game must pop a message for every kill like XP, then it needs a similar abbreviation for Influence, like “Infl”.

However, this is only urgent in languages where the localized equivalent of “influence” is a long word. No abbreviation is needed if it’s short.

Agree it should be removed.

LOL no, not abbreviation. Ideally the message should have represented Influence as its icon, a cowrie shell. It may require updating the in-game text popup system, but it’ll be worth it. The same system can show a msg on treasures, trade routes and other such “burst” gains.


Lol, part of the game is a new passive penalty of the card. “I give you influence for every kill you make but you have to put up with every pup up”. :laughing:

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