Please remove the 3-per-day Limit on USA Challenges

Those who have just begun the USA Challenge recently have absolutely no way to complete it in time.
This is not a nice situation for them, as they are having something dangled in front of their face that they have no way to obtain.
Removing the completely arbitrary restriction of 3 challenges per day would be an easy fix to this problem.


Already had a long time to complete the challenges, I bought the dlc day 1 but still did all challenges because they were something a bit different to do.

People knew the challenge would end, and they advised people of the end date leaving enough time for you to still do the challenges, if they haven’t been done by now you’ll just have to pay $5 for the dlc.


The devs have decided to unlock the limit on challenges per day, so this thread can be closed now.
To the devs if you’re reading this: Thank you :slight_smile:


Very generous of them, and a great gesture but I feel that personally you should buy the dlc anyway to support the game, it’s incredible that they made the definitive edition and we are still getting dlc for such an old game, never thought this would happen.


The limit is still on, what’s the story on this?

Did you update AoEIIIDE tho?