Please remove the FPS cap introduced in hotfix 45185

Before this hotfix, the game was running very smoothly and I was getting counts of 800+ FPS according to the in-game FPS counter, with real-world FPS of at least 100 (my monitor refresh rate is 144Hz)

However, since this hotfix, my in-game FPS count has been sitting around 150-200, and the game looks awfully laggy. When I try to scroll across the map, instead of the screen smoothly scrolling over the terrain, it jumps only a few times per second - so I would guess my true FPS is 20 or lower.

This issue has also been affecting the mouse cursor, making precision clicking more difficult because the cursor jumps a few times a second instead of smoothly rolling across the screen.

In addition to this, I have been getting a yellow clock at the start of multiplayer games, which sometimes persists into the later stages of the game.

According to the patch notes for hotfix 45185:
" Updated how GPU and CPU resources are consumed when running the game. When Vsync is disabled, the FPS will be capped at the monitor’s refresh rate rather than drawing upon all available resources."

This suggests turning on Vysnc might help reduce the lag. But ticking Vysnc does not improve the issue at all. In fact, I tried turning on Vsync BEFORE this hotfix, and that gave me the type of lag I am experiencing now. When I turned it off again, the game was back to running nice and smoothly. The problem is that now, I am stuck with the poor performance no matter whether I have Vysnc turned on or off.

I know others have also reported this issue, so please consider undoing this change.

EDIT: Just played the game on a family shared account (on the same pc), and the game was running very smoothly again. In addition, the in-game FPS count was 144Hz, equal to my refresh rate. So there must be a bug associated with the FPS count, which causes lag, and is linked to the account which is being played on…

They need to add a toggle in the options to cap the FPS, instead of it switching on/off based on patches.


I definitely agree. An FPS toggle is much needed, since it would benefit both low and high end users: