Please revert Lakota native scouts back to coyotes

Lakota used to have the ‘smoke signals’ card which allowed the war chief to train Fang the pet coyotes. Those are a lot cooler and make more sense than those less cosmetically appealing ‘native scouts’ which I have never seen anyone make and never make myself. I would like to request removing the 4 native scouts card which enables the war chief to train them and replacing it with the old smoke signals card which allows training wolves. You could even use the ‘tengri’ wolves that appear at some of the native tps. Or even better ‘buttercup the cougar’ which appears on tupi native posts. Cougar or wolves would be so much cooler than those scouts.

I know native scouts are supposed to replace the European ‘spies’. I guess if it is really necessary you could keep the native scouts card and just add a smoke signals card. I also think it makes sense for native civs to struggle versus mercs though anyhow.