Please revert penalty on dodging games in QM


Since the “dodge” penalty was introduced I have started to experience several thousand % increase in meeting drophackers.

For ranked I can understand this, but for quickmatch not so much. I basically never dodged game based on map (only full water maps if I got them in row).

I used dodge games based on who was in lobby with me. Now you might ask why? Simply because I created certain standard that makes me dodge game. I won’t go too much into detail what standards I used in case someone decides to throw some random crap about it, but essentially my list contained lot of suspicious players.

I created this list when I started to encounter drophacks every day multiple times on row, so I started to follow certain patterns with names and other info etc.

And before my break from AOE4 back then I dodged literally around 2-3 games before playing one. None of them were tied to player(s) skill level or anything like that. This was done purely to avoid getting drophackers.

And guess what? It worked. For hundreds of games I didn’t encounter single drop hacker. So yes I miss ability to dodge. So Id like the change of penalty be removed from quickmatch.


Was first bad thing about which I provided feedback even before it went live onto server
(people who play 1v1 only will never understand this since its not happening in there)

Yeah I had a list my friends (Kinda sad they all stopped to play ONLY BECAUSE OF THIS) → Very very very good players in tgs … we all used to be top10 in the past which contained/contains names of ±50 confirmed drophackers …

I keep tracking them

And yet I find out that non of them was somehow punished for this behaviour :slight_smile: Its not only about idiot Commander Cao + Littlecutes … ITS WAY WAY WAY MORE APES doing this

Yeah so you have two option … to play with/against drophacker which has no point and completely ruins entire game OR u can go play another game

All in all

Good luck with your ******* rankeds in teamgames … there is no chance of any succes in them with your attitude + boosting accounts by super-low smurfs all over the leaderboard.

People will realize this once ranked tgs will be on live-server … not now … they dont even understand what am trying to say all over the place

@SavageEmpire566 Thanks for another ban mate

I wish u were at least 1/100 active in banning CHEATERS + DROPHACKERS as u are active in banning a person who is telling the truth which u obviously dont want to hear since its completely ridiculous.

Yes it was our only weapon against them … remember their names (gl if someone of them had Chinese name) and checking their playercards on … cause guess what … somebody from Relic with 150 IQ decided there will be an option to hide your match history completely so u cannot even recognize drophacker in game

But all of this I try to describe is something we used to do during November-December

Oh GOD please do not tell me its the still issue? wow :open_mouth: hard kappa

I was calm and had hope for HALF A YEAR …

But now when I still see the same idiots ruining a game for others without a single punishement Its just wrong … completely wrong …

I bet we will be on the same ■■■■■■■ place in one year as well … But who is going to even play tgs in one year if de-synch is going to be still an issue.

Am just super furious towards some ■■■■■ who is sitting behind and doing nothing.

■■■■■■■ Ashley Lynn banned more people on one dev-stream than entire team responsible for doing that on live server.

Most of the people dont bother with that. They play 1v1 or tgs for chill

But when ME PERSONALY spent tens of hours by analyzing of replays. Trying to find who cheater is and who dont. Banning them in game. Banning them via official request and and giving you extra info about them via mail and for what? for what?

Only to see even the worst cases (cao) still beeing active AND STILL RUINING THE GAME!!! after 7 months! on the same ■■■■■■■ accounts … not even on smurfs. How can I be calm towards you? And I mean towards you as company … you Savage was kind to me all the time (And I love you for that buddy trust me I do … but u are the ONLY PERSON who communicates for entire dev. team)

Just try to be in my situation … After you wasted tens of hours (I was drophacked ± 50 times since Day1) in useless gameplay and than on reporting such a behaviour and still for nothing.

Have a nice day man and please wake that madafakas who are responsible for that FINALLY or as I said even back then … rankeds in teamgames will be worst clownfiesta we ever got … just like end of S1 rankeds but even worse … do not allow that to happen … I wanna enjoy normal games with my buddies and not to waste a single minute anymore.

THANK YOU :heart:


So, you just want to be able to dodge ruining the experience to other people and not be penalyzed?


Tell me what is your experience? You sit in queue for x amount of times (for me its never been close to 10mins and I have been at highest +1750 elo). You go back to queue and get new match faster.

So where yous your experience in the lobby?


I play solely 2v2 so for 4 players in game and one is known or very likely to be a drop hacker so that person ruins the game for 2-3 players by dropping ppl when team is about to lose. So isn’t that ruining the experience?

You got no experience when you’re waiting to find match and game has not even started. So how can you say I would be ruining the experience?

Then another issue is that. Why do you think that other ppl experience would out weight my experience? Do you think I want to get team up with drophackers and ppl who grief? Yes I meet ppl who essentially play to grief or just leave the moment they lose scout with 3-5 sheep and leave the game? Do you really think I want to be playing with these ppl and have my experience ruined top of that have my time wasted?


At a time when we needed to dodge to avoid ruining your own experience, which was between launch and the removal of all water maps, I’d say yes, but now it’s only a necessity for high level team games to avoid the trash that mascarades as players.

We just need those players taken care of, not the anti-dodge stuff.

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Which is true, but here is thing for you. It will never be over. Period. Its simple as that. No matter what they do there will always be the ppl who actually ruin your experience. Dodging doesn’t really affect anyone at any level outside of ranked mode where ppl can use it for their advantage but in QM its irrelevant.

Lets say they get rid off drop hackers. How long till new hack is there to replace it? We already got maphacks and other stuff. In some cases some players use them very blatantly. I faced one today and its no surprise that when he was about to lose game he dropped us.

So even if the drophacking was fixed what about griefing and just players who instantly leave when there is very minor mistake from their part like losing a first scout with few sheep to TC?

There is no valid reason to have anti dodge. It hardly affects you or vast majority in anyway. All you might happen to lose is chance to play the very specific map you feel like playing at that point but thats hardly a loss compared to it that ppl who have to endure the stuff that goes on.

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You’ll never fix people, correct, but you can fix the Fair Play system to limit the necessity for dodging.

I was an advocate for freedom to dodge in Quick Match back when it was being discussed, and I still am against the ridiculous time intervals that somebody can be suspended for. It should be five minutes at the most.

What would be your suggestion for fair play system? Ban anyone that leaves after single minor mistake or afk in start for 30 seconds and then leave? etc. Cheaters obviously banned but its something that is constant ongoing issue at least with dodge players can get somewhat familiar with suspicious ppl and avoid them. I dodge games in battle royal games if lobby has a cheater which is super easy to see.

5min is more reasonable than what we have now but even then if you end up with players that you would like to dodge this might become 2-4 dodges in row and suddenly hour has passed without playing a match.

In quick match there is hardly any reason to have dodge penalty. No one losses anything from dodge. Players that don’t want to dodge go back to queue and spent like 30-60 seconds and find match while person who dodges has to start from scratch and for me its like 5-7mins. So if I have to dodge multiple times I would still spent like 15-20mins at worst case scenario trying to find match

we go through this path in aoe2.
no penalty → dodge (it was even worse… cause people drop from the queue)
overall it’s the same:
TG games were: arena + arena + arena + arena, cause 1 out of 7 wanted to dodge.

likely there no arena… and no generation of players who want to play only Hill & Dale or BlackForest.

Some ppl here have a problem and do not think at all how the solution would affect others. Same ppl think that problem applies only to 1vs1 and 2vs2.

learn on history == NO, repeat same path again == Yes. (likely devs more knowledgeable).

make it no penalty, release Arena, and u would never will be abled to play anything but arena.
Oh… wait… they will be abled to play 1vs1 and 2vs2… but for 4vs4 it would be knightmare.

2 different problems:

  • cheaters should be banned
  • people should not be able to abuse dodge system.
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  1. Easier said than done. I agree that cheating should be banned. I already went over this with very detailed post but in TLDR: Its not possible to have clean game. No game has ever been able to do it and no one will ever be able to do it. This is why most effective way is actually let players hop out with no penalties because at that point its players own choice if they play a game with cheater.

  2. Abuse what? Its a quickmatch. If person wants to dodge a game so be it? What do you lose? vs ppl are forced to play a game with griefers / cheaters.

  3. This is not aoe2. Aoe2 can do what aoe2 does.

Let me ask you. Do you enjoy going to match while knowing that opponent or your allies are ppl that you rather avoid ? Do you think its fun to play for 20-30 mins just to get drop hacked. Would it be funny that all ppl just started to quit after the match wasting even more time? Top of that it would be impossible to keep elo at higher levels to get decent matches and not just some 500-1000 elo guys that are new to game.

Edit: and if you think that quitting game just after it starts isn’t happening. 4th time today that someone left because reasons.

Here is prime example how someone can ruin someones experience mid game in TG’s. Then getting same guy again on next game as ally. Guy left and claimed took his relics. Followed by fact that he alt f4 just few games before it. So yeah we really need the penalty removed from dodging because I don’t want to play with him and if I dodge I get penalized

Can’t you just block players that do this?

Sure I can block them so they can’t talk to me or I cant see what they say, but it does not affect the matchmaking in anyway. I have only 2 times blocked someone and I had both of them on my team after that.

This also be issue with ranked mode coming up so it literally needs solution. If ranked goes out like this then its must have to play with premade, because its impossible to rank up high enough without encountering this kind of behavior and I know in fact that customer support WILL NOT BAN ANYONE that you personally consider as troll.

I have seen happen in every game I have played where ppl quit mid way or instantly and they get no punishment. MAX a warning and they continue doing it and especially in RTS there there is no vote surrender option like mobas because it wouldn’t work in 2v2.

Ranked with randoms will be impossible and when you try doing it ppl can just ruin your elo by doing this.

I feel like blocking should stop matchmaking, but maybe it would be abused for climbing…idk

It would be abused its 100%.

There is only one way to solve this regarding ranked. QM is easy. Remove the dodge penalty or make it 1-2mins.

For ranked they need to watch every replay of game that has reported player and punish them severely like resetting rank + banning them for rest of season to play ranked or something very severe to sent a message that its not alright. But this costs money and they won’t do it even if its right thing to do.