Please show if oppenent is picking civ or going random

Ever since DE came out I have been suffering, its actually painful to enjoy playing random civ and get faced with all these civ pickers! Let me see if someone is picking please! If they picked from now on ill only pick S tier civs vs them!


Yeah, completely agree. Should be an option for only random, or at least let us know


aoe 2 used to be so beautiful with random civ. You used to have to come up with a plan in dark age. Now everyone is just picking top tier civs and they already know exactly what they are going to do. I dont get it. The devs love making everything random like the wackiest TC spawns, animal types, trees and everything but when it comes to civs they want us play against the same 5 civs all day long until we want to take a sledgehammer to our computer screen


I agree you should be able to see if they picked (but not what they picked), however they might still pick their civ at the last second. :man_shrugging:

Thats why also bring back the 5 second ready up count down. Honestly the game was perfect and all there. Everything they changed made it worse. Even the match making sucks.

I personally like having the choice of Civ picking. It’s kinda hypocritical to say you’ll immediately pick S tier best possible civ if anyone picks a civ, and then saying random is the only real way or the only fun way. Maybe they just like the Civ? I love Ethiopians, for example. I pick them all the time to train with them on different maps, even maps where they’re poorly adapted.

Yes, some people are try hard. Nothing wrong with that.

Random map then pick civ, or random civ then pick map are both ideals my mind but only one really works in practice.

I do agree it should tell you if they pick, but hey. A lot of your statements are pretty unsportsmanlike up above. People play ranked for competitive fun. If they want to pick, they should be able to pick; and so can you. There’s a reason for a map pool, so civs are also not always the same. There’s A LOT of undiscovered meta on these newer maps.

Someone picking a b or c tier civ on purpose all the time is definitely in the minority. The huge majority of the players and now even the pros trying to make content are just sitting there and picking the best civ for the map its getting super boring. I miss the days of Viper randoms and watching his quirky strats that he made work. Me picking the best civ is most likely gonna end up in a mirror match up or a game against another meta best civ choice. So yes I think random civ is the best way to have fun and to truly have a competitive rank that shows your skill level. Maybe that one game you get a bad civ match and lose but after 100s of games you will get the elo you deserve. I strongly believe my elo would be way higher if I always picked too.


Picking the best civ available for the current meta is awfully boring. People should play this for fun, not for the rated (even when we’re playing rated).

I like to pick civ, because sometimes I feel playing with this civ, or that civ (I love Burmese, for example). But Should be a way to avoid keep running into Persians in Mediterranean or Vikingd+italians in team islands


Can’t really disagree there. Good points all around.

Viper is the only pro I know who regularly picks different civs, all the time, in the ranked queue. That’s how he trained, actually; he went random civ, random map, and just took whatever got thrown at him. I actually think that’s a big part of why he’s so good. His whole method of training is being adaptable.

Which is a great skill, probably the most important in AOE2 IMO.