Please solve the problem of the LOST of Resources carried by villagers

I have noticed some topics discussing whether to bring the resource collection method of AOE3 to AOE4. Although I don’t agree with making such a big change to AOE4, the resource collection mode of AOE4 is indeed inconvenient because we will face the problem of resource loss.

As we known, when villagers carry resources that have not been handed in and then collect other resources, those previously carried resources will be lost.

Of course, I am well aware that there are some solutions at present.
I could order these villagers to build a new storage building, which they could put different resources in it, but only this time. However not every time we would build new storage building.
Or I could hold SHIFT, clicked on the storage building, then clicked on the new resource, and this was the most commonly solution. However, villagers are frequently transferred in game, why do we have to do such additional operations every time? In fact, this additional operation did not bring any sense of achievement, but only trouble.

I suggest that the unsubmitted resources carried by villagers can be stored in those villagers, these unsubmitted resources will not be lost even if another resource is collected, then they will be handed in another storage building along with the next full amount of new resources.
In this way, we can freely transfer villagers to collect new kind of resources, and the old resources will not be lost, but will only arrive later.

I know some of you may not care about this kind of detail, but I would like to say that a good RTS game should simplify unnecessary operations as much as possible, allowing players to focus more on planning battle plans.
I hope such changes can be considered, after all, a good games need improve the details constantly.

I have bound the shift key on the mouse so using the shft is very easy for me

Interesting solution, but embarrassing is that my mouse doesn’t have side buttons.

with this program you can configure any generic mouse and it is not necessary to buy a very expensive mouse

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if you are careful enough you won’t lose res, but i wish making farms would drop res. its an even playfield for this, i wouldn’t make a fuss over this than many other issues in this game that’s affecting everyone