Please strengthen the unpopular combat units

Have you seen anyone use Chinese Flamethrower and Indian Flamel Elephant in the competition? Can you strengthen it? For example, reduce the cost of Flamethrower. Flail Elephant’s unarmed attack. Thanks, dev


Aimzank uses it. :grinning:

That counts?

Neither of those units are particularly weak, you’re probably just using them wrong. Units like grenadiers are actually underwhelming.

Bolas warriors definitely need a buff. Reduce cost or change animation speed would be to the point


Actually, I was watching some China replays today, and Aizamk also used flamethrowers (And won) a tournament game:

[SP] theonlybaus[FR] vs Aizamk[CH] - Korea.age3yrec (3.4 MB)

Man… Aizamk is pretty good, I should starting writing his name right or something.