Please take the AOE4 survey

Hello Age of Empires fans :slight_smile:

I know this is not the AOE4 forum. I love all AOE games. It is very important for me that Age of Empires is successful so that the game and the franchise is further developed for a very very long time.

I think it is important for AOE that the 4 game is a success. Therefore I think as much people as possible should participate to the AOE4 survey. I think here are also people who play AOE4 or who stopped playing it. There opinion is of course also very important and helpful to make the game better.

I took the survey. The survey is really very good. You can even win something when you participate.

Here is the link to the survey:

Please don’t forget. When I remember correctly the survey is available until this monday.

Thank you

Kind regards


I opened the survey window and then accidentally closed it and now it doesn’t let me do the survey anymore.

It says, “Thank you for your response”.

We should have an AoE3DE survey.



That’s a pretty good initiative. The second part, which is the focus on addressing the things that are behind according to the community, is as important as the survey!

I hope they can do it!

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Could you please try creating a hotspot with your smartphone and connect to it with your PC? I think then you have another IP and can do it.

@FiveWind6951746 yes every AOE deserves a survey in my opinion :yellow_heart:

@SimilarOwl0320 Yes a very good initiative. They did a great job with the survey.

Thanks! I tried that and it worked.

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If we tell them what we want and they ignore it what’s the point of doing a survey?

So they can say they did it.

I… I can’t take the survey because I’m a college student.

What does that have to do with anything?

It asks if you’re studying game development. Maybe that disqualifies you?

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Yep. How unfortunate. What a weird disqualifier.

Atleast every quarter of the year and for every survery a roadmap.

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