Please tally the wins with each Civ

Please add the wins with each Civ to the profile screen . For those of us players who are trying to unlock the profile icons for each Civ this would be very helpful. I have all the 10 win icons and it’s unknown how close I am to unlocking the 100 wins icons. Thanks


Yes, and further improve the statistics page please, with more statistics!!!

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Lol they have this? Its like even more reason make you pick the same civ all day. This is horrible.

I would love to see more stats!

I recently discovered the API. It has lots of data. It also has lots of history. If you know how it works, you can see what games you played (i guess online MP ranked or unranked, no SP, but i dont care about SP, maybe you do), what civs you picked, what map you played, … It is just missing one important piece: Who wins and who looses?

If devs wont invest in more stats, we can use API to make our own stats. I am quite new to API, but i am trying to make something nice for my own. I would love adding the info about winners and losers in the API. It will be great.


Does this mean you are not able to see which civs are having good winrates for example?

No. At least i cant find this data in
You can see played games history. It tells you which civ they picked, which map they used, which settings they used, … Even general things like you clan name. It doesnt contain who win/lose.

If you can say who win/lose you can make make winrates for each civ giving a elo range for RM 1v1 for example. Just because you dont know who won the game, makes all this things impossible to make.

Yes, amazing isn’t it. That way I could see with which civ I am performing at my best; maybe even connected to the map. I could be even more effective and focused on my three best performing civs! :smiley: