Please, unlock my region. I want play AOEIIHD, too

In South Korea, can not play the AOE series.(except AOEDE and AOE III)

Because, Some of related policies about “GAME”. So we got a ‘region locked’ since 2014.
I usually read AOE news.
I hope play the AOE II in my country. You know that I can get this game from pirate it I want.
But I don’t want this way.This is not good way for love games especially my memories.

Please, Open AOE games in south Korea. I want get this game from right way, right paid.
Also, Many koreans waiting unlock in steam or MS store.

I hope you offer to us what we waiting.

Thank you.

You know why this happen?

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In 2014, many games circulating overseas had to be passed by the [Game Rating & Administration Comittee].

*about GRAC
Established in December, 2013 under 「the Game Industry Promotion Act」 as a public organization for fostering the sound game culture and developing the game industry in Korea.
GRAC has been independently administered for the classification of game contents which are manufactured and distributed in Korea. Also, the GRAC reviews illegally distributed game websites, arcade game machines and gambling games to protect the public from negative influences such as illegal gambling, excessive violence and nudity. *

Anyway, there was a fight between the GRAC’s policy and overseas game distributors and they gave up on the game distribution in Korea. One of them is Microsoft.
Therefore, AOE II HD did not open games in Korea even after the Korean process done.

This is so sad news to us. Because many people wait this game nowadays.

If you read this on Microsoft, I hope you’ll worry about it for a second.

Thank you.