Please, we really need a working spectator mode for live casting games

This honestly should be top priority for AoE3 DE, more than any other issue like balance. We had approximately 620-630 people on twitch for the Challenger Cup tournament match between Kevin and Haitch today, and it was STILL with games being casted from recorded games, because spectator mode just doesn’t work. Aizamk’s spectator mode was amazing for EP-- it allowed a super easy to use, in depth spectator analysis of techs and shipments with an economy and military score, that allowed live casting.

Now, what I hear is that Aizamk can’t just mod a spectator mode for DE, bc its a huge amount of work that would probably just become incompatible with the next update, and there’s no reason the developers themselves shouldn’t do it.

If we can get 600+ people to watch recorded games, imagine how much more hype there will be if we can actually cast games live. This would be a huge draw to increase the viewership and playerbase of aoe3.

Why is it so hard for the mods to develop a working spectator UI, like we had on EP? Why isn’t this a higher priority?

reasons why live casting is better:

  1. the magic and tenseness
  2. no possibility for potential spoilers
  3. the casters can’t know the outcome before anyone else, so their mood and disposition is more tense and the hype is real
  4. with live casting you can see civ picks and counterpicks in the lobby, as well as all the player ■■■■-talking
  5. when players themselves show up in twitch chat to comment on the game that is being broadcast from the rec, it really kills the mood
  6. it is arguably different to win a tournament with recorded games vs. one that is live cast. In my own experience, playing a game that will be casted later from a recorded game is a lot more relaxing than playing in front of a live audience. it changes the player psychology to play live.

This should absolutely be top priority!


Totally agree.
The observer mode on DE is quite bad.
I really miss the way casted games where done back on esoc patch days.
Hopefully they work on this.
Also it was so much better before when you wanted to play with friends and observe each other playing.
Now when we want to obs friends playing the hsme game lobby we cant do that because we cant find the lobby.

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I want to make this change. In addition, I would like to remove the viewpoint of Nature during real-time observing.

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This is super true. This needs to be high on priority imo.