Pls add all card game mode (44 card deck+)

Hey, maybe you guys ever played with 44 card hack. It is quite fun since you can have good ealry game deck but always carry late game cards too. Works even better in aoe 3 vanilla where you could basically have all good cards of the civ.

Following this spirit. If there was a game mode without decks where you directly had access to all cards from the deck building ui or something.

I would really love this optional game mode, since I loath having to choose.

Doesn’t need to be competitive, so ignore balance implications for now.


I do not think you would have enough space on the Homecity control panel, to have all those cards, though it could be interesting.

I do hope they remove stacking Card effects that allow for instant training, and the vast majority of unit shipment cards (specially the ones that just send the same units twice with different amounts.

Why tho, you wanna play 200 hour games and still not using all cards?

The deck panel can maximum contain 11 cards per age. But what i imagine is using the deck building ui directly with its cards sorted in tabs during the game so sent cards. This way all cards are accessible, so no decks at all and no problem with running out of space.