Pls, don't make the same mistake with AoE I DE/Return of Rome, with AOM Retold

I would love to get ported AoM Retold to AoE III DE engine, so you can maintain both and the two games can enjoy the same QoL upgrades.

Yeah, I know that AoM was built in an older Bang! Engine than AoE III, but maybe the AoE III DE engine can be upgraded to support all the old features of AoM.

A lot of work with pathfinding, MP engineering is already done with AoE III DE. Skip the mistake of AoE I DE that should had been ported directly to AoE II DE engine, if it’s possible.


I don’t know about this. Yes, it would make sense, but I’d be worried it will feel like a reskinned AoE3. AoM had a certain, I guess, charm to it. I’d be fine if they just remaster the graphics using the same engine. I recently played it again, and it’s really not that bad. Just better visuals and textures should be fine. And some QOL improvements where necessary.

AoE1 was simply just too ancient for it to be acceptable to modern standards.

Age of Empires I and Age of Mythology are two very different beasts. Same with the engines they are using and we don’t know the work and effort on the engine behind the scenes to accomodate AoM:Retold.

So it most certainly wouldn’t be the same case.

OG AoM was the first game to use the Bang! Engine that was later also used by OG AoE 3 as well as 3DE. Pretty sure Retold will be built on the updated version of that engine.

We don’t know if AoM RE will be built upon AoE III DE Bang! AoE I DE and AoE II DE were built from their each genie engine versions, instead of using a single one.

Or maybe they will use a new Bang! version forked from AoE III DE. I wish they update both from the same version, like they will do with AoE II DE and The Return of Rome DLC

aoe 3 DE version of engine still has a lot of mythology code in it, god powers, minor and major gods etc.
thats all there

AoE1 is a totally different code and engine than AoE2. Porting AoE1 to AoE2 would be like making an AoE1 giant mod on AoE2, where every single unit/stat/building would be given a new sprite and resemble the AoE1 ones. It’d then basically be like AoE2 with a total conversion mod. In contrast, AoM is the same base engine as AoE3 but has many hardcoded differences.

As I’ve said, starting with the same base, it’s not always a great idea to ‘remake’ AoM using the AoE3 engine. The pathfinding there really isn’t really better or changed. A lot of coded things are way different (like unit snaring, settlements, concepts of ranged units with gunpowder, etc.). I’d still say it’d be a greater workload and a worse result taking aoe3de and then reverting aom stuff back onto it, and slowly removing all the weird stuff and nonfunctioning stuff, over just open last AoM.project file (from AomEE which isn’t all that far outdated), and press Compile; then just improve or redo everything from what already is working. It’s so different and AoE3DE didn’t really ‘fix’ a ton of things in terms of AoM things, just like, went a totally other direction with factions and gameplay, is all. With those changes, like gunpowder units and so on, melee units, speed, unit snaring, etc. was totally different to try to balance the game.

I’ve never seen a ‘AOM settlement’ mod in AoE3 ever, not that I played AOE3 much at all, but just noting it. Those things must be like stupidly annoying or broken if they tried to copy things in there again. They also already fixed all the exploits like spawning units in AOM and AOE3 mostly too and that weird dev console stuff, including poseidon glitch, and all that, so it’s like who cares at that point too, it isn’t that much improved otherwise and you can only fix it more.

Some features can be easily changed, like snaring (can be turned off easily), Settlement building probably is the same code than Trade Post building (Sockets) and gunpowder is a more art thing than code. AoE III still support arc trajectories without locked targets.

Probably some of the improvements that would bring AoE III DE engine would be optimization and the MP support.


There is not much optimization difference, but then again I’m not going to get into it. There’s like UI changes mostly. It does have a better set of UI and appearances but arguably the pathing has been basically same; it also just isn’t a game where a small path issue doesn’t cause much issue.

imo they’re probably using the updated version used in AOM:EE, which already backported real time GI from aoe3 version of the engine

Hi, I care this DLC too but 1 think grrasion in tower will destroy the DLC, :))) I hate it the most in AOE 2, and better make it same aoe1 all most better :grin::grin::rofl::rofl:. Beside I love it because this DLC accept Sparta is country not area of Greece like AOE 1

This is AoM retold topic.

If you talk about Return of Rome DLC for AoE II, there’s no Sparta civ, it should be Greek only like original AoE I DE.

Maybe you have mistaken the DLC for Rome at War mod for AOE II DE, that adds Sparta civ.

Really DLC and mod is different haizzz I’m waiting 4 month for new and it so bad new for me :((. Bút thank. And we have aoe1 DE and in Vietnam and China have a mod from AOE 1 original mod version 40 civil, and don’t think DLC AOE DE make with AOE2 will work and can take player from 2 country above. Present people play AOE origin still have much but they more habit play follow the way origin like me :rofl::rofl::rofl:. 0AD quite good but way to play too far with aoe

Hi where I can subscribe the mod return of Rome??? Please

You have 0 AD but you also have AoE Online, which does not change the formula so much…

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here you have

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Love you thank so much

sad man 19, my computer can not install the UHD mod of steam but it ok :)), Sparta was bad in this mod I dont want play it -_-