Pls make YUCATAN one of the rated 1v1 maps

OK, so I I LOVE this map /Yucatan /, it is just amazing since all players get more food and it is possible to even fish but it is not a water map, plus one might wall easily but it is not like BF. I was not sure where to put this topic or how to ask the devs if they might change or increase the list of maps in 1v1 … So I write about it here. I hope some players might support me.

Please, make YUCATAN one of the rated 1v1 maps !

It is so green and nice , much better looking than ghost lake :smiley:


It is a great map - and there are plenty of them available. I’m actually really hoping that we have “seasons” in ranked play and there is a new pool of maps for each season. That way we can slowly get exposure to most maps.

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Yucatan is even more unbalanced than the current maps in the map pool…


I’ll gladly take Yucatan over garbage maps like Rivers and Continental. Throw Arena in the map rotation too.

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dont kill the ranked game… yucatan is literally a mix of highlands + rivers with additional unbalanced features! mongols and britions and franks are absolutely broken on it because of their hunt and sheep and forage gathering bonus. everyone will just wall off the passages and farm their a** off until imperial. and more advanced players will just fight on the ridiculous 2x2 water between the players, and whoever wins the water wins the game because of the control on passages and ability to land. another boring map!

Mongols are totally balanced on valley or Brits and Tatars have no big advantage on Ghost Lake and Oasis?

If some people want to play it than they should be able to play it. If however some people doesn’t want to play it, they should be able to not play it.

in yucatan you have every resource literally under your tc, and there is one or two narrow passages which you can easily wall off. but in valley the mongol player is taking a big risk to move villagers to the MIDDLE of the map and mill the deers which are distributed from either north to south or east to west of the map and requires multiple mills in a highly insecure place of the map which can easily get attacked by the other player and isnt a reliable source of food after taking 3 or 4 deers.
ghostlake and oasis which also are not good maps for 1v1 ranked ( specially oasis ) atleast forces the brition player to scout the whole map to find the extra sheeps which prevents him from scouting his enemy and also takes alot of time for the sheep to reach to your base ( if not getting stolen by enemy scout mid way ) unlike yucatan which you have your extra sheeps like 6 tiles away from your tc
lets say no civ is broken on yucatan ( which is not true ) and the mentioned civs get the same amount of bonus on other maps too ( which they dont ), do we really want another highland/rivers alike map which divides the players with a river and connects them with one or two narrow path that can easily be walled and turns the game to a " win the 2x2 water win the game " for our ranked map pool ?

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You can’t judge people for what they enjoy. I hate Yucatan too but i want people to be able to play what they want as ranked.

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if people can be able to play WHATEVER they want as ranked then what is the point of having map pool? lets put forest nothing and dodgeball in the map pool too then, im sure many people like those maps
lobby system is for when people want to play whatever they want, ranked system is a more competitive place which people should play standard maps. its the same in every game in every genre. csgo, overwatch, rainbow six siege, Starcraft 2 etc

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I would allways like more maps in the pool.
I especially love the random generation of the maps. Makes me change the way i play all the time, and it makes it so much more fun instead of having a fixed map layout that barely change the strategies.

NOT true because the better food amount if for all players, … IT IS TRUE franks and mongols benefit more BUT WTF will you do with celts ?? Celts have a wood bonus so would you try to cry for maps with no trees next> ? Turks gather gold faster so let us remove the gold mines…??
YUCATAN has water ofc BUT if you cannot play on water or hate it - it is your problem . Ships are in the game and the galleon is a unit like any other unit. Rivers is available now and it has much more water and it is much more important to control it. Not to mention alonger game going to IMPERIAL is the reason why I want it and why other players like Yucatan. !
Cenotes is a map for early aggression, arabia can be , as well, so why not add a map for LATE GAME LOVERS??? You can keep rushing militia on other maps and keep having stupid boring short games ending in age II… I myself can rush and I do it sometimes but I hate winning with 5 man at arms… IT IS NOT FUN ! The fun is when all get to make unique units , trebuchets and both reach 200 / 200, now that is the real AOE

Wait a second, man, I did not CLAIM ALL MAPS must be there or anything players choose. I asked the people here about ONE SPECIFIC map - Yucatan. That is it. And starcraft 2 is another story - I used to play it a lot but I stopped , anyway - they change the maps included in SC 2 sometimes, it is a topic getting updated from time to time and this is a good thing , IMHO , at least… OFC I see why some people do not like Yucatan and I am OK with it , I mean - we cannot all be of the same taste / opinion.

Everyone claims their favourite map should be on the pool and the maps they don’t like should be excluded for bs justifications. The hypocrisy is real :joy::joy::joy:

i was talking to @Ulthos who said " i want people to be able to play what they want as ranked "

the problem is we already have those kind of maps, and for some reasons they have more chance to be picked as a map for ranked games than open maps. you can simply see that by watching some streams and see how frustrated they are about getting them every game, and also by playing some ranked games. so i dont get the need of having another map with choke point in the map pool when lots of players and streamers are already complaining about them

i cant believe i have to discuss about it xD but ok. there is a reason why mongols and franks and indians ( and recently lithuanians with their 150 free food at the start ) are the 3 civs that can have the fastest uptime to feudal age with a good economy behind it on a map with standard resources like arabia, therefore have a great aggression that the other player will have a tough time to deal with. and that reason is food bonus. so having food bonus in darkage is a far more stronger bonus than wood and gold bonus and can give a big lead till the end if you do enough damage. a bonus which is multiplied on yucatan. ofc yucatan is a fun map and personally i like to play it from time to time, but im talking about its potential to become one of the maps in ranked map pool.

its not hard to understand why more than half of the player base in both HD and voobly were picking arabia for 1v1 ranked. but also there was lots of team games on maps like BF and arena
in general we need separate queues for maps with same theme. for example “open maps” which includes maps like arabia - cenotes - valley etc, " closed maps " which includes maps like arena and black forest. “water maps” which includes maps like team islands and islands etc. “hybrid maps” which includes maps like highlands - rivers - etc or even yucatan . and even nomad maps like nomad - CTM - steppe etc
ofc its the ideal thing, but i dont think its doable, simply because there is not enough online players to divide them like this for queue, matchmaking system might become a failure

I don’t love Yucatán. And it’s horribly imbalanced, like Robo pointed to. But I’d gladly take it over Continental, Rivers or Highland.

just making a quick pool here

  • add Yucatán to ranked map pool
  • don’t add Yucatán to ranked map pool

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Just to get a general idea of the amount of people worried about that question, and to get the passers-by to thrown in a opinion too.


This is great - making a POLE to discuss it. This is like democracy :slight_smile: But we need at least 150 people to vote or it is not valid, problem is …well, I think 150 people will not gather here to vote

Only 14 votes …I hoped for 40-50 :frowning: I know more than 100 is not a real thingto expect

This poll has 81 votes in less than 5 hours. The ‘serious’ competitive community lives on AoEZone.