Plumed Spearmen are broken?

I just don’t understand why this unit is that good against buildings. 44 siege attack ? This is only 10 less than grenadiers ! And 14 more than cuirassiers that are a very strong age 3 unit ?
I think there is a balancing issue with that unit… A basecamp of age 2 falls in no time against 10 of them…

its 125 ressources / most expensive spearman in the game.
normal pikes are 80 ressources. so you have to compare against a lot more of them.

10 plummed spearman would be 16 normal pikes.
16 normal pikes take down any barracks pretty fast too

build a unit and use it before you say its op
Aztecs Puma Spearman are stronger btw.


Thanks for the tip, I hadn’t thought of it at all…

Now, let’s be precise :

Pikes : 40 food, 40 wood
so 15 pikes = 1200 ressources = 600 f, 600 w

plummed spearmen : 100 f 20 w
so 10 spearmen = 1200 ressources = 1000 f 200 w

First thing to notice, spearmen don’t cost a lot of wood, which is much slower to collect than food, as you know (400 less in that scheme, that’s a lot).

About damages vs buildings, 1 pike = 32 damage, 1 spear = 44, so 15 pikes = 480, 10 spears = 440.

About hp, 1 pike has 120, 1 spear has 170, so 15 pikes = 1800 hp and 10 spears = 1700 hp.

That seems to be the same, but implies that pikes die very quicker than spearmen, so their damage decreases the same during the fight.

Puma spearmen cost food and gold and have 135 hp only…

yeah but you cant nerf the last usable inca unit to the level of a pikeman.

Their Bowman are already worse then others (yumi, longbow, even cetan) cause they got rate of fire of 3 and very low hp while costing 110 ressources.

And their chimus are worse then coyotes or hussars until age 4 (and with an expansive shipment / stealth etc).

AND their pikeman only has 3x vs Cav while they got no Dragoons / Cav Archers.
So its their only way to counter Lategame Cav (i dont count the slow very expensive Maceman which is 300 ressources with 4 speed and only a cav counter if your enemy is so dumb to stay inside their range).

Man would you love the Sioux clubman. Over 244 siege damage with siege dance. Will one shot every wonder, wall, and town center with about 25 of them.

I like to get the card that lets me build war huts with them, and run around back while they fight my main army up front. I’ll destroy any layers of walls instantly, run inside and destroy the TC and then it’s over. Build max TPs and a war hut in their base and just keep spawning your invincible clubmen that hit 3x harder than a siege ram. They will have no more buildings in a matter of seconds

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Plumed Spearman: Reduced siege damage from 44 :arrow_forward: 42 .

Cheh ! :sweat_smile:

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just lost a 2v2 in lategame with incas against Elmetis.

How am i supposed to counter Elmetis with 150 Damage vs all Infanty as inca?
i tried fully upped spears, i tried maceman. Didnt work out.
Maceman are too slow, spearman are too weak.

They need 5x against cav, at least as soon as you play age 2 upgrade card shipment.
3x just doenst do its job. Its just too low dmg for 120 ressources.