PLZ DO NOT forget the corpse-decaying effect

I don’t know what other guys think, but to me, corpse-decaying effect is crucial.

In old times, even AOE online has it. unfortunately, it has been long lost since AOE DE.

I hope AOM retold can pass on this great feature to us, just like AOM extended editon did.


Maybe they will remove it for reasons of the Chinese government…


Unfortunately, based on the other definitive editions it’s likely going away.


FFS, I already posted two academic researches in another thread saying this “chinese government” argument is pure bullshit.
Have fun: AoE2 devs: Please stop trying to experiment and just listen to the community - #287 by Darkillermon

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So it must be that they want to attract more young audiences and that’s why they remove the skeletons, the other would be the performance of the game…

I don’t think so, an rts game with decaying effect on steam is rated as 7 by PEGI

But aren’t AoE1/2/3/4(DE) all rated PEGI 16 already?
Don’t think Skeletons would make it 18+.

I’m pretty sure that is all an internal decision that they simply don’t like them.
If there was only 1-2 countries that would block Skeletons they could censor the game there or make it 18+ in those markets.
I don’t think that would hurt the sales of the game that much.

I can find excuses for not having decaying corpses in:
AOE1DE because they didn’t spend a lot of efforts on it.
AOE2DE because it now has too many units and hand-crafting decaying animations for 2D sprites is a lot of work.
AOE3DE because it never had such a thing since legacy.
AOE4 because it is a new game.

But AOM is in a perfect position to implement that.
In fact the original 3D decaying animation is nothing significant: just “sinking” into the ground with a slight color change then replaced with a skeleton (Rise of Nations did the same thing).
So it’s not like you’ll need to make a lot of new 2D sprites for that.


Fair enough, 1 DE as the only Definitive Edition has a legacy mode for Single Player that comes with the old graphics, including decaying corpses.

So rating is not a concern either.
Then the only reason is they don’t wanna :sweat_smile:

After watching the revealed beta video of AOM retold , I think it is necessary for me to bring up this topic AGAIN.

Nearly everything in the video looks just fine, except the vanished copse-decaying effect.

Corpse just sinks into the ground, nothing left.

I have to say that the original corpse-decaying effect is such a delightful feature that should be kept rather than abandoned.

Here are my FOUR solid reasons for it.

1.AOM is a war game. War inevitablely leads to death. Body remains (skeleton) can highly enhance the atmosphere of war. Plus it can indicate players that a battle has just occured in the certain place.

  1. Corpse-decaying effect is not only a delightful feature of AOM original but also a shinny symble of old-school RTS games over 2000. It’s absolutely not something out-dated that should be deleted in a remastered version.

  2. Accord my survey in a popular forum in Chine, nearly 80%,53 out of 69 respondents desire to have the original corpse-decaying effect in AOM retold.

  3. Corpse-decaying effect won’t affect the PEGI rating. I just found an war rts ,with decaying effect of course, on steam, and its PEGI rating is only 7.

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well-said ,totaly agree with you

I don’t know the actual reason for you to abandon the corpse-decaying effect, but if it is something related to cost and budget, here is a possible solution:

Devide the units into several categories( infantry, cavalry, chariot…), then make one generic sekeleton for each.(Various myth units can be the chokepoint.)

Rise of nations is a good example for that.


Another good example is stormgate,check this out.

Yeah, that’s the fact

Wait a minute, you have time to make dynamic animal, but you don’t have time to bring back corpse decaying effect??? Is that it???

Animals did always fatten in AoM.

The corps decaying has nothing to do with time limit or laziness.
They simply don’t want it for some reason.

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If there are some reasons out of time limit or laziness, they should really tell us or make a survey, but they never did.

I agree they should.
But they apparently don’t want to.

Who would want to have corpses everywhere during a death match battle? Too gory for me but I guess they could toggle it on and off like blood effects.