Poles and Bohemians civ icons


Unbenannt-1 - Kopie

source: facebook/themankoAOE

I don’t know where he has the civ icons from but they look legit to me as they fit the art style of the other civ icons.


The Bohemian one looks better in my opinion.

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The Bohemian icon looks very amazing.


Does anyone know the origin of red and black on the shield? White lion is symbol of Bohemia/Czech lands, right?

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Would they look too similar that people could get confused?

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One is an eagle, one is a lion…


I would say it would look to similiar maybe not to Polish emblem, but to Britons. In hud where all the icons are shown next to the score they are really small. Both Britons and Bohemian coat of arms would be red and has same shape. And now when Bohemian emblem is half red, half black looks even more great.


Black background has nothing in common with Czechs so if this img is real it was designed for game purposes.

In fact it should be a silver lion on red. The lion was granted specificaly to king Vladislav II by Barbarossa for his valor. Later when the title king became hereditary the coat of arms was used as a symbol for the whole kingdom.

At the beginng the lion had only one tail, later the one more was added. We dont know why exactly…


I’ve read that the black part is a reference to Tábor

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They look a bit detailed in places and a little rough around the edges to be the actual ingame icons. But I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if they were very close.

Žižka’s uniform has the red chalice of the Taborites, which is another reference. Utraquites had the gold chalice on red shield.

EDIT: I found the municipal flag of Tabor:


Yes, that I didnt take into account. I was writing about Bohemian statehood where black background has never been in place.

So good you find the black ! :slight_smile: