Poles' Villager Regeneration vs Incas' Blacksmith Villagers

I’d argue that regeneration may be seen as more powerful than incas’ vills having more armor in Feudal / I’m all for giving Incas their feudal armor back.

The alternative is pushing the pole vill regeneration to castle age.

Atm poles are essentially a more powerful Feudal Tower rush civ pre inca blacksmith bonus vills being pushed into castle age(when they were in feudal), and the regeneration bonus starts in dark age while only getting stronger per age… And that’s without counting their stone gaining gold for them to boot, which means their ability to also have a military force besides alongside the tower rush is significantly increased. That alone even without the regeneration makes the poles’ tower rush powerful. All three of these combined and you have the ultimate feudal tower rush civ.

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How are they more powerful? Rgey aren’t dealing more damage and taking less damage at rge same time. Thrh heal 1 point of damage for every 3 hits they take, meaning they in a villager war are taking 5 damage instead of 6, and dealing 6 in that time. Meanwhile incas were dealing 3 damage a strike and only taking 1 a strike.
So in a 6 second fight

Poles deal 8 damage (4 hits), and take 8 damage and heal 1 point.

Incas were dealing 12 damage (4 hits) and taking 4 damage.

Simple math.

Is it a decent trush? Yes. Is it as strong as incas before? Heck no


The main point of that is hit’n run tactics - the hard hitting point is that the villagers will always take good exchanges if any vills are exchanged at all / they have the ability to always be a threat even if the fight were to be vill vs vill rather than adding towers to the mix. Retreat often enough and not only will enemy vills be distracted from gathering resources they will always end up on the losing end.

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If you are retreating you’re leaving your towers exposed and thus your opponent is even furgdr ahead. Good job.

Who said anything about retreating fully?
Taking a few steps away from a fight to gain hp and return blow for blow is key

Not only that but adding in men at arms to the mix is another problem for the enemy vills.


Taking a few steps away isn’t going to buy you much time st all. And if your units are retreating they arent attacking. Which means you’re taking hits while not dealing hits back.

Again. The heal rare in feudal is 10 hp per minute. Which means 1 hp every 6 seconds. It’s not going to have anywhere near the impact incas bonus had.

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Enemy villagers in the fray is enemy villagers not gathering / strong villagers will fight while weak villagers will return to the fight with good health shortly.

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But your villagers aren’t gathering resources either. And if you’re sending weak villagers back while strong villagers come forward you have MORE IDLE VILLS RHEN YOUR OPPONENT DOES.

The weak villagers have the ability to garrison and heal faster due to that while still providing cover fire.

I was referring to only the 5 or so, give or take vills staying on the front lines, not restocking from home.

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And if you’re garrisoning them they arent gathering resources. And I’m not going to be stupid enough to fight in range of rhe tower. I’ll just shift away. Congrats. Math proves your theory wrong.

And guess what? If you’re popping them in the tower then I have a numbers advantage against your ungarrisoned villagers. And I kill them and plonk the tower down

Then the tower rush continues in good order

Men at arms assistance helps to repel and harass the enemy villagers to boot.

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Not really. By the time you ungarrison I have scouts and archers and chase you away. And then plink your tower down.

Men at arms that archers can easily wreck?

From what resources the towers don’t occupy by the time the enemy attempts to counter attack, the men at arms won’t need to do much outside of defend the towers from scouts while the towers wreck any approaching archers

While the men at arms may still harass the enemies’ weakpoints.

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Tower Rush civ strategies are just annoying, don’t know why they decided to promote this even more.

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Dude you’re not gonna get multiple towers up covering all my resources with only 5 villagers unless I play like a frigging idiot.

Stop. Just stop. The moment your 5 villagers pop into the first tower to heal your rush is done. I move my scouts or archers into position. When you leave the tower they get picked off.

That depends heavily on how each player reacts as any game should / but for now at least I’ll stand by this opinion

I’ve never tower rushed alongside perhaps to steal a pile of enemy stone, so I’m not familiar with the needed villager numbers for a full on rush, but I can see from what I’ve experienced defending from tower rushes that this as-is is hell mode.

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Hera just pulled it off with Poles and it looked surprisingly strong. The vils have much time to regenerate HP when moving around the enemy’s base, taking turns building new towers and repairing them.

Turns out it really comes down to few hit-points whose villagers survive and the Polish Stone Mining Bonus only helps at dominating at that as you get enough gold in to support your TRUSH with Militia, which your opponent can’t unless they are Poles too.
But this HP regeneration really makes sure you will be villager numbers ahead when doing so. A cheesy way of winning games imo.

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Oh I’m not denying it’s gor potential.

I’m just saying I donr think it’s going to bd inca level

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I’d say comparable. Unlike Poles, Incas didn’t get free gold for units or upgrades while mining stone for towers.
Sure, they saved 19 stone per tower but without gold income.
And while they had to invest into Blacksmith techs first Polish vils regenerate HP instantly.

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