Polish lithuanian commonwealth and denamark they can't be just somenre revo only, they deserve a place like full civ

are two fantastic and iconic civs that deserve a prominent place within the game, with unique and iconic units. that are part of the theme and historical period of the game, Plc had 226 years of independence before 3rd partition. They deserve a place in the game as a full civ.
Denmark is an even stranger case as a revo, they have always been independent in the historical period that the game pass.
You can put these civs as revos, BUT NOT JUST AS REVOS ONLY, in addition to revos they deserve a place as full civ in the game


I believe if players buy enough skin packs. They will turn this into real civilization.


I agree, they should be full civs not revolts, they have a lot of potential and leaving them as revolts it’s strange for these important European factions in the in-game time period.


We might see them as full civs if the game becomes more popular, since that means more budget and more attention given to the game. It’s why AoE2 gets so much more content, they earn more money so they get more development.

I really don’t get why everyone jumps to conclusions that they’re rev civs just because their flag is called “rev_politician”…I’m sure the devs are trolling us since it doesn’t make sense to make these two civs as revs while making Malta a full civ…

If that’s the case then Persians and Koreans should be revolution civs using this stupid logic.


It literally says REV in the file names.

Well I mean, As revs, Denmark can be a Sweden rev and Poland a German rev, if we count the cultural umbrella, but personally I prefer them as full civs.

Denmark as a Sweden rev? That’s the other way around.


Yeah I know, but both being Scandinavian and the cultural umbrellas in game like the Indians and Germans, I can see this happens, I better prefer the civ option instead of the revolt one.

That’s fine.
Even if a Civilization first appeared as “Revolutionary”,
it can reappear as regular one like “United States” and “Mexicans”.


We hope that developers can create Poland and Denmark as complete civilizations, but it’s okay. The two European countries are gradually transitioning from revolutionary countries like the United States and Mexico to complete civilizations

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the fact that Poland was not represented in the game at all is strange


House of Vassa with the winged Hussar, the same for Denmark but other than that nope, even House of Vassa represents more Denmark than Poland. It was house of Vassa right? or I got confused?

Oldenburg represents the Danish crown. Vasa is Poland and Sweden.

oh, Thx. I got confused there, so Oldenburg is the Danish Crown and Vasa is Poland and Sweden, got it- thanks.