Poll about the Burgundians buff

  • Burgundians buff is too strong and seems broken
  • Burgundians buff is fine

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As you know guys they got 50% food discount on all eco tecgs, and they have it age before. They got +33% generate more gold from farms. Their relics generate 30food/min, their Stables have 50% techs discount.

Honestly I think they will be sick and broken as hell, 37 food horse collar, 80 food wheelbarrow, 50 food double bit axe, 75 food bowsaw, etc. With all these cheap dirt techs they will even get both farms upgrade (collar and heavy plaw ) before even seeding a farm and both of lumbercamp upgrades too.

They are really sick imo but I would like to see what do you think?

They are OP now but let them enjoy their bonus now that’s worthy, they were too weak

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How can we answer that yet? We havent played it enough to know.
I saw games were they looked quite strong but also some where they got destroyed, I basically can’t tell now.
For me it looks at is wouldn’t be OP, but only time can tell.


I think they’ll be all right. They’ll be a very strong civ, but not OP. Their Stable units aren’t FU, they lack the last archer armor upgrade, their Siege Workshop has only one thing going for it (bombard cannon), so they have enough holes in their tech tree in the right places to not be OP. They’ll have some strong power spikes, but that’s not something unique to this civ.

11, I am sure that they will get nerfed 100% so yeah I am with you let them be happy now 11

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50% eco discount (and age before) and 33% farms gold and 30food/min relics and 50% Stable techs is not fine at all bro. Well lets see how will they perform but I have a strong feel that this will not last for a long time.

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Because you don’t need even to try it 11

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We’ll simply need to wait for the 1650+ win rates, and see how the civ is

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Because a game has so many factors, it’s impossible to tell if a civ now has a 50 or 55 % winrate from a few played and watched games.

And besides that the eco bonus is completely fine. The only thing what leads to a possible disbalance is that flemish revolution.

idk, their units kind of suck, so maybe they do need amazing eco.
With that said, I did find their eco super damn good atm.

It is too hard to judge yet, but it seems to be so strong.

Remember they don’t keep a lead for long in imp however in post imp they are not a civ you want to run the clock down on. I like it and think its fine.

The “beauty” with this tech is that whether it’s too weak or too OP the solution is the same in both case: just rework it already 11