Poll: Are you in favor of auto queue villagers on PC? (Toggle - can turn on / off)

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I think this feature would help new players a lot. And it is not a competitive advantage, as players already have to deal with many other actions such as not leaving villagers idle, knowing how to distribute their villagers in the most efficient way, choosing the order of their buildings, composing their army and managing it during the battle.

But if it’s still a nuisance for some, you can add some punishment like more 1s to build a villager in auto mode


I’m torn, remembering to queue Villagers was always part of the skill set required to play an AoE game. But I’m also open to “innovation”.

Auto-queue would still have contraindications for a newbie, as it may cause food shortage or an excess of Villagers.

Anyway, I would be in favour only if they added it to all units, even military.


Maybe a toggle setting for auto que villagers, this would allow new players to learn aspects of the game like micro and macro, but also allows players with those skill sets to just turn off auto que and continue as normal, as well as allowing you to stop over population of villagers.


Coming from rtses like supreme commander and beyond all reason, where auto production is a feature for all units, I can see where it could have its uses. I personally don’t want it, but I don’t see how it could harm the game if it was added. Already being in the console version it might as well be added to PC.

Not necessarily the thread topic, but automatic resource allocation looks like it could be an interesting feature to bring over from console as well.


It would destroy this game like it did AoM.


Only old people that wish it was 2004 again care about auto vills. If you’re good it doesn’t matter.

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I’m kinda more interested in auto queuing military units then villagers tbh.

To reward skill I would add a 1-2 second delay to auto queue. So if you manually queue you are slightly ahead of an auto queuing person.
This way the game is easier to learn but not easier to master.

2 seconds is 10% of the villager build time btw.


This is a touchy subject that I addressed some time ago (and was criticized for it), as the average faithful RTS player usually doesn’t agree very much about reducing a game’s mechanics a bit (adding automatic queuing of villagers) to reward more strategy, micro in battles and good decisions and even favor new players to learn the game a bit faster and other players to enjoy it more. Macro would still be important, as you will still have inactive villagers, you have to spend resources and you have to know how to relocate those villagers to resources correctly.

“If you don’t remember to do X mandatory action in X seconds, more practice and less crying”. That’s what some people will tell you. Some want an average player to have to learn the basics of an RTS in months, that’s why the genre is dying.

I would put the automatic villager queue with penalty to come to an agreement between a divided playerbase (Reddit and the forum is a representation of the playerbase but not the only one). Penalty would be ideal to try to reach a consensus.

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That’s a core problem, they don’t want any change and without changes the genre will keep stagnating, so they will complain about numbers… No matter who makes the game, if it’s just another copy of 20 years old design that hardcore RTS fun adore, it will fail making it big. Stormgate is perfect example of game that will be good, but that’s it. It’s just another copy of 20 year old design made for hardcore RTS fans.

BrownBear blog that he made years after he criticized AoM Titans addition of AQ explains the problem best… Adding AQ or simplifying certain elements that don’t add enough depth, will just make other less focused parts to become the focus.

20 year old design just needs to die, if the genre wants to be competetive with other. Players still like to play strategies, but it’s only RTS genre that’s barely alive. As long as bringing up to your group of friends to play RTS is no-go, because noone other then the one suggesting it can actually play it at level, where the game is fun… you have a design issues that needs to be addressed.


That’s exactly it. I’ve been trying to get friends to play Age 4, but they’ve been hit by the long learning curve.

For those who are starting out and have never played an RTS before, it’s a little scary.

Age 4 has evolved a lot compared to the previous ones, for example, command queuing with Shift was an excellent improvement. And this doesn’t harm the game, on the contrary it deepens the focus on strategy.

But I think Adribird90 is right, if there is a penalty for building a village automatically, it is more likely to reach a consensus


There is Autoscout in AoE2 but it is clearly better to do it manually except in the lowest levels (as it penalizes you with a bit sloppy scouting).

Perhaps the key is that automation has a lower performance than manual, hence the penalties.

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If your people’s friends are quitting over villager production, then I am sorry to say that they would’ve quit over so much else too. And by the way, this isn’t some kind of sacred opinion being gatekept by RTS players. There are plenty of RTS games that do feature autoqueue, its just turns out that people don’t play those competitively on PC because it has massive consequences.

When neither player has to exert any effort towards villager production, they will have to spend their attention elsewhere or fall behind. So fundamentally, the game will require a player to be more hectic in their decision making and actions in order to make a difference.

Villager production is much like someone shoveling coal into a train engine. It is a mechanic that directly links to the core of your economy, and has to be maintained or the train will stop. Your efforts as the opponent can hinder him significantly to the point of forgetting to do this, which makes it a dynamic and important part of the game. Also, a tactical part of the game, as one button allows you to continuously expand your economy and gives you a “feel” of it as such.

Of course, the better a player is at multitasking, the less they need to commit mentally towards focusing on villager production, making it less important. But, most players do in fact struggle with this, and the balance within IS important. It creates a vulnerability for players to make mistakes themselves, or to be pushed towards making mistakes when under stress, while also breaking the player away from constantly having to micro everything and focusing on something more fundamental and less mentally taxing for a few seconds. A break in the gameplay loop.

The request to remove all this for “new players” is absurd. It will only hurt the experience further, demanding players to be even more active to get results on the battlefield. Moreover, it eliminates a strategic way to pressure your opponent and for them to make a mistake. Basically, with both players playing even more perfectly, there is less room for error to make the difference.

You don’t want that. Hell, personally, I think this game is too lenient when it comes to these types of mechanics, but an RTS should be chaotic with everything going wrong at all times, needing you to constantly put out fires for things to work–otherwise you will have perfect macro, and there won’t be a significant difference between you and your opponent. When this happens, the game simply becomes a complete shitshow of spamming units at each other. This is not good gameplay. This is not strategic.

Villager production is the bare minimum here. I highly suspect most complaints actually come from players being frustrated themselves that they can’t focus on it, rather than the obvious bullshit that is “think of the new players”. All I have to say to you, is that it is okay to make mistakes. That is kind of the point. Now kindly, stop trying to force autoqueue on every RTS in existence.


The only thing auto queue changes is taking the pressure off pressing the button, it isn’t the disaster you make it out to be. You would still need to manage the units and balance the economy.

The suggestion also isn’t to add something new, it’s to bring the feature from console to pc.


If auto queue was the death knell then Xbox wouldn’t have such a big player base. Especially for a game that received hardly any marketing on the Xbox platform.

It’s just gate keeping. Auto vills won’t make things any easier because people who forget will just get ####### down anyway. All it does is automate a dummy task.


Friend @TheAchronic , i play Age of Empires since 1998. I’ve played the entire series and I’m used to the game mechanics.

I recently brought 5 friends to Age 4, 2 of which only played RTS-style Red Alert. And they are having difficulty in this regard. And if they have this difficulty, I imagine other people do too.

If you put a penalty where building villages automatically is x% slower than manually, for example, do you still think there would be a problem?

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I would like to think that, if automating various things leads to worse performance than doing it manually in a moderately optimal way, some would agree here.

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Rebalancing information for a player to process would create a difference in focus rather than improve or degrade gameplay. Less attention on the homebase would mean raiding is more effective, so it’s not like you are spinning less plates. Auto production doesn’t seem like something that would change much, maybe reducing the control groups by 1 or 2 since you don’t need to tap it every 40 seconds or so. Plus if it’s a toggle then people aren’t forced to adapt to a new system… I have a really hard time seeing what harm is done even without a penalty.


lmao when it gets to the pro level, all the little stuff adds up overtime and snowballs, becomes a massive advantage mate. you are only talking through your point of view clearly you are not a competitive player.


couldn’t be more wrong rofl. only the younger generation wants QoL features like this, OG players prefer difficulty and hard mode.

but since adding feature will ruin the competitive scene completely I am ok with that, Aoe4 is such a joke anyway compare to other RTS game.

Yeah that’s my point. OG players hate keeping auto vills is insane.