Poll: Being able to chat with your oppenent(s) in the ranked lobby

I feel like being able to chat with the other players in the lobby before the game was part of what made the community so friendly. It was tradition for players of all skill level to always say glhf before the match began. Now there is no time to say glhf during the opening except if you say it like 30 seconds into the game which rarely happens anymore.

  • Bring back chatting and saying gl hf in the ranked lobby
  • I like not saying glhf in the lobby because i dont want my opponent to have fun

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Just bumping this cuz i miss this i wanna see more opinions

on a side note… like maybe 80% of my games, my ally doesnt even respond when i say hi or GL HF

so i think they seriously would vote for “I like not saying glhf”

One more thing I forgot to add. Give us a 5 second count down before match begins when both players press accept to give us time to say GL HF. I honestly get so tilted when I take the time to say glhf during the game and the opponent doesnt say it back. Especially if he wins that game lol. Instead of the profanity filter just take the profanity out by bringing back good manners and traditions

This is so important. I always enjoy talking before and after.

Also If I am not mistaken, the end screen that pops up tends to lead the player to the achievements instead of encouraging them to stay for post battle talks. Perhaps the end screen should not have a link to achievements and disappear automatically after 5 seconds, and then you have to leave in the original way. Even if one doesn’t want to talk, usually you would take a look around the map.

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I think this would allow for boosting - you could check who your opponent was prior to the game starting.

I am really tired of players not saying glhf back. It gives me the impression that they are not playing the game to have fun. They are instead being hostile towards their enemy and only care about winning.
One time when I got no reply to glhf after a few mins i said bad luck dont have fun and the other player replied U2. Lol so they can easily reply to glhf but they don’t want to.

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yeah i reckon you’re right, for me it feels like “we” are just a tool to help them win, and for me the proof is if “we” arent winning then they can become verbal very quickly, or if they need help its more of a command to “do our job” and assist them to achieve their goal… always leaves a bad feeling with me…

but then again ive met some great people in games (although rarely) like guys who sent lots of messages or offered help or even built castles to defend my base before i even said anything, or said stuff like “thanks for hanging in there” when i was nearly wiped out but didnt resign, and then the ally won the game for us

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If we already have a party during the matchmaking process, it would be nice to be able to chat while waiting in queue.


That is really annoying.

well, if you have a party, you always can use discord…

Agreed, even when a match is formed you need to be able to say Gl Hf.

I miss the ‘GLHF’ before the games. Now the game starts immediately and i am too busy to say GLHF. If i see enemy say GLHF, it try to say it too. Otherwise i wont say anything.

I also imagine in team games you wannna discuss with your team about the civs all players pick.

For 1v1 it will also be nice if you can agree to go random both. Chat would be nice.

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How do you tell people what your discord is if you invite them from the recently played and aren’t steam friends yet? And maybe you give the guy a friend request but they just don’t notice it.

Is there a reason why we can’t chat in a party when we queue?


I would love to chat with my oppenent just before the game. Wishing glhf is just part of the history of the game. I made my own suggestion thread of lots of thing to improve. This one is one of the ideas.

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at least ppl can chat and its not such as boring to wait.

espessially on team games.


I don’t understand why it’s only possible to chat with party after the opponents have been found.

For this reason we always need to use steam chat on a different monitor or tab back and forth…

Another awesome downgrade to the experience brought by DE.

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You need dedicated servers for chat purposes, the current chat is saved in the recording like in the old game versions, that is why it only starts when you have been matched and the recorded files is being created.

The main reason of the missing feature might be just saving money.