[Poll] Best Civilisation Concept

I believe that the poll is meant to confront and judge the creativity of the designs, not the “necessity” of a civ.

The competition is about creating bonuses that interact well with units and have an historical base, and so on… It’s not a poll about which civ should be introduced next.

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Well tbf it’s less a prediction than a direct inspiration 11

Irrespective of that imo it’s still the best civ concept in this list. Not necessarily a fan of every single bonus but it’s one of the few concepts with more or less good balance.

@casusincorrabil Just my opinion ofc but I think such a poll should only feature one vote per person.


To be honest, since it’s a poll, people will vote based on what they personally think is important – and for some people that will be influenced by what civ(s) they would like in the game. You can’t really control other people’s criteria for choosing what to vote for.

That said, I didn’t vote based on what civs I want added. There are some civs on this list that I would like added but am not keen on these particular designs, whereas one of the civs I voted for I don’t actually think should be added but I thought the design was good.


It’s “Best Civ Concept”. Everybody is free to chose by his own criteria.

It’s actually cool that so many people share their criteria here. I like it :slight_smile:

I thought about this and decided to give up to 5 because I figured out for myself that it’s really hard to say which is really “the best”. I have at least 3 which I think are basically indefferenciably good and if I had to chose between them I would need to dice-roll…

Ofc if you only want to vote for one civ you can do that and ofc it is then more likely that this single civ will be better rated in the end. And if you vote for several it is more likely that you will have at least one of the winners in your vote but your vote will have less total impact. It’s an evalueation you have to make on your own.

If you like it why limit it by criteria that don’t matter in tournaments? Believe it or not no matter how you balance it goes from the top down! So why do images matter more. That’s style over substance and seems immensely unfair.

To be fair I’ve only posted 11 civs here so far and I’m sorry I’ve slowed down if that’s part of why you loath my ideas but I’ll be working on more soon.

Man you need to grow up buddy.
I do this all for free and you only complain and demand. I have absolutely nothing from this but work, but you think I should do even more just for you.
Yeah if you want to live like this I have bad news for you. At some point you will be all alone.

And if you don’t change your behaviour this will be my last reply to your absurd demands.


Wow at this point i think Sogdians Will win

It’s only 2 votes difference 11
I think there are still a lot of civs with realistic chances.

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The difference between you going for 1 or 5 votes is indeed also a thing but it’ll be barely noticable in the results. What I mean is something different. If you go for one vote while others go for 5 your voice will have very little impact on the voting. With such a system usually a minority of people determines the outcome. You can see it in this poll, for instance. While there is 25 voters, a handful of people basically decided place 1 to 3. That’s why imo these polls always should have 1 vote per person.

Songtians are an intriguing and well made design, so it deserves to win.

Although, if I could make a constructive criticism, they lack a traditional eco bonus, and their trade bonuses (while was what convinced me to give them the vote) isn’t really well explained in depth.

Their military isn’t particularly unique, but it’s a solid and well balanced design, so thumbs up here.

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I feel like I need to explain that setting.
Sogdian merchants will record their traveled tiles in the process of trade. For example, if two markets are 150 tiles apart, they will be recorded as 300 tiles away in once trade.
When the Sogdian merchants submits trade gold, the market will conduct “fake trade” according to the number of squares accumulated by all Sogdian merchants, and “fake trade” will be implemented once for every 100 recorded tiles, and the recorded amount will be -100
“Fake trade” will not make any changes to the player’s resources, but they will play a role in changing the price of market… For example, if the Sogdian Merchant Travel is continue the “fake trade of selling stones” activity, the price of stones will be kept at a very low level because of the continuous selling(but not below a certain amount), Players can buy stones at a lower price and continue to build more defense buildings

So it’s a pure TG mechanic?

Mmm I hoped that there was some way to use it in the 1v1 to…

It can be triggered by trade with the distant own market, even if the player does not get gold, it can still be regarded as a successful business activity, which enables in 1v1

Yeah but it’s not a viable strategy in 1v1…

If you need 100 tiles for it to generate a good trade, you still need 2 markets and map control to actually get something from it, and then it only changes the market prices.

It’s still nice for TG, but it’s not viable for 1v1.

I hoped that it was something similar to the aoe4 rus golden gate, where you can actually get positive exchange of resources, and that it could be used in 1v1 too.

That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have potential as a bonus, but it still needs some work to be good…

I think you need to make examples what the effect of it SHALL be.
How we get there is a different topic, but for me how you try to explain it in lttle pieces of design it isn’t comprehensive.
You could make an example like “with a length 300 trade route normal trade provides x gold per tript that takes y time under ideal conditions, the sogdian merchants do then hjkhsk.”
And the same for a 200 or whatever else trade route.

And ofc also for 1v1 is there is any intent to make it usable there.

With all creaive ideas it is hard to communicate them, that is why we creatives HAVE to learn how to communicate them for others to understand. The other way around just isn’t possible, how shall others learn to understand your thoughts if these thoughts are outside the realm of already established linguistic concepts?

And the easiest way to explain it or at least give a first impression is by showing the application, what are the measurable and abstract effects in various semi-realistic scenarios.

Untouchable top 3:

Sogdians : :1st_place_medal: (Congratulations @Seicing)

Helvetians: :2nd_place_medal: (Thanks for the support guys!)

Venetians: :3rd_place_medal: (Very good concept, @DoctBaghi. This one deserves more!)

Lets see if the another concepts can reach the podium, good Luck everyone!

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The vote is 2 days of 2 weeks in and you already call the winners 11


Should close the voting in a week and select winners and maybe go for round two.

Yeah, (im not taking the winners) but i choose them for now because their high votes, so for now i think these three are untouchable

Eh, not everyone can be a winner…

Although, if I could make a complaint, is that I’m not receiving any feedback about the civ design…

I mean, it seems like people are just voting for the civ that they want to see in the game, and not for balance or inventive of the person who put the effort behind that, which is kind of disappointing…

I mean, I get it that italians are already in the game, but look at the design itself, not if you think that it should be introduced or not.

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