[Poll] Best Civilisation Concept

Hi everybody!

As we collected all the great Civ Concepts from creatives in this Forum in this Thread, we now can finally make a poll for you to decide which of them is the best!
Please check out all the beautiful elaborations of the participants! If you feel intrigued, you are also welcome to leave comments there and check out all the other civ concepts that don’t participate.
We appreciate your feedback!

Everybody has up to 5 votes, it is your decision how many of them you want to use.

Best Civilisation Concept

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Let the Best design win!

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I’m not in? 20 chars

I told you the requirements but you didn’t wanted to meet them.
It’s that easy.

I voted. My favorite Is Venetians from @DoctBaghi, what a good job!

Also thanks for the support on my Helvetians (Swiss) concept, i don’t have words to thank you!


Thanks :blush:

I’m taking my sweet times to go through all of the designs and then I’ll give my vote, there is really a ton of good content here


We can make a podium to the Best civs, do it on paint if You want, haha.

Hey, someone that haves contact with the devs, try to send the three more voted as formal ideas for the devs!

I plan to give the 3 winners :1st_place_medal: :2nd_place_medal: :3rd_place_medal: In the civilisation hub.


*Resists urge to spread rumor that 1st Prize is dinner with the Viper and a (platonic) back rub from T90

But yeah, some pretty good designs from what I’ve seen. Have to give it a deep dive when I get time.


Can we post the link in other aoe social media to attract more people?

Or can we at least ask friends to come and vot?

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We can do it on reddit

Preferably in a way that minimizes bias. Anything that increases general visibility is good, but asking friends to vote for your concept or anything that turns this into more of a marketing/reach competition over the actual civ design goes too far IMO.

No of course, when I was speaking about friends I meant close friends that I can contact in private, but I’ll avoid that too of you prefer.

If I’ll make a post on reddit I’ll post here the link, so you can check that it’s perfectly partial.

Even more, it might be better if each of us will make a reddit post, so that we get more visibility.


I don’t think this is such a good idea.
Please don’t use your personal connections to boost your rating, it is supposed to objectively determine the best Concepts. Not the person who can mobilize the most.

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Why are tamils a option they are already ingame now as darvidians.

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I think they can, i mean, the concept Is diferent and could be good so i think that this Isn’t a problem

If anything, @culgil1014 deserves extra credit for predicting the addition of the Bengalis and Dravidians, and basically more than half of their current bonuses/UUs/tech names :joy:


He is not the first.dravidians are directly taken from a mod done for the classic version of the game.

I mean ok… I was talking about literally 2 people who would anyway voted for 4 other concepts too, but as I said, if you don’t want I won’t do it.

Can I post it on reddit though? I’ll link here the post so you people can see that I’m not asking to vote for my civ. Hell I wouldn’t even write that I’m participating.

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I literally don’t care if the civs are already in the game. It’s about honouring what other people created and it would be unfair to dishonor because of 3rd party actions.