(Poll) Best DLC of all times

  • Conquerors (Aztecs, Mayans, Koreans, Huns, Spanish)
  • The Forgotten (Italians, Indians, Incas, Magyars, Slavs)
  • African Kingdoms (Malians, Ethiopians, Berbers, Portuguese)
  • Rise of the Rajas (Vietnamitese, Khmer, Malay, Burmese)
  • Last Khans (Bulgarians, Lithuanians, Cumans, Tatars)
  • Lords of the West (Burgundians, Sicilians)
  • Dawn of the Dukes (Poles, Bohemians)

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I vote for Africaan Kingdoms!


The Conquerors easily, second place for African Kingdoms, third place Last Khans and fourth place Rise of the Rajas


The Conquerors without a doubt.

Could one imagine AoE II without eagles? No Aztecs or Mayans? Literally unthinkable.

Not to mention FC conqs, war wagons or “Huns are Huns”. :smiley:


yeah hahahahahahahhaha huns are huns

Conquerors !!!


Why not do a poll? Makes it so much easier for people to vote and your thread won’t get as cluttered. I would also include the civs that came with each expansion, so that people don’t have to waste time remembering.


That’s a lot easier. Vietnamese is spelt like I just did, you currently have Vietnamitese, so you might want to fix that. The rest looks good.

Hard to pick, though, since in some cases i really like the added civs but the campaigns kind of suck (African kingdoms) or vice versa (Lords of the West)

No one seems to like lords of the west.

My vote goes to RoR.it adds a new unit line and completely covers an area which is not represented by anything else.

Worst would be the one with huns :expressionless:

Lol theres no way AoC is the worst.

Did the game really need huns or mesos?

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Honestly independently of what you think about the civs (I think that saying that meso and huns are bad is stupid but whatever, they are still fairly well designed in a vacuum), AoC made the game playable. It added sooooooo many stuff thats just necesary for AoE2.

Like, imagine the game without bloodlines, halberdiers, thumb ring, parthian tactics, UTs…


Forgottens and african kingdoms deserve their own recognition because they brougjt nee lofe to an old game thar was almost forgotten.

Forgotten started as a mod and made possible to make the HD edition

African Kingdom was the first true DLC after HD.

I agree the expansion was made well but it kinda ruined the medieval theme by expanding the time line from 500 -1500 to 400 -1600.

Huns could have been made in to magyars or berbers easily.

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I kind of also prefer the extended timeline at least when talking about the 16th century stuff thats well integrated unlike the 5th century stuff thats only in two isolated campaigns.

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Also I would personally just like to see more early medieval content. Theres so little of it…

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Celt historical battle in Ireland to tell the story of Brian Boru vs the Vikings would be nice


Definitely The Conquerors, although it feels weird to refer to it as “DLC”. It had an unfair advantage since there was greater scope for adding new features then, such as new generic units and techs, unique techs, historical battles, real world maps, and custom random map scripts. But even judging just on civilisations and campaigns, I think The Conquerors is the best overall.

On the other hand, The Forgotten is my least favourite, with its bland civs, filler unique techs, and convoluted and buggy RPG campaigns. I understand that it was an important step in AoE2’s revived development, but I’m really glad that the campaigns got revamped for DE.



AOC added UTs, tons of new units and techs and 5 classic civs which are frequently played on every level. I can’t imagine the game without this expansion.

AOF added Castle UT and 2 new arch sets which were ugly at the beginning but are pretty nowadays. Also included Battle of scenarios.

AK felt like the first new real HD expansion with one great looking arch set as well as Feudal ships and a few new techs. Misses out on Battle of Africa scenarios though due to time constraints.

ROTR was the first post AOC expansion to add yet another regional unit line and features the pretty SEA arch set.

TLK would be almosr on the same level as ROTR if the Steppe Lancer would have finally a role within the game.

Ngl the latest expansions DotD and LotW are IMo the worst so far considering considering they really don’t add much to the game as a whole. No new arch sets makes them feel cheap for their prize point. Aside the free new Random map scripts and unique castles solely for the new civs, they really don’t add much.

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