[poll] Cosmetic DLC

As the color scheme of AOE2 unit models are largely player color and white, it actually makes regional unit skins easier.
If the models have large patches of metallic parts then removing the metallic textures for mesoamericans might end up with units looking drastically different from afar.
But white and player color is very flexible and easily justifiable. Adding a white plume with player colored tip, or changing the shape of the player colored emblems like the ship models, is barely noticeable when zoomed out but enjoyable to look at when zoomed in. There are already quite a few good examples in this thread.


with the release of the dlc return to rome the could use some of the unit sprites on aoe2
like for the mesoamerican civs archer line
instead of bow>xbow>arb use slinger>improved bowmen> composite bowmen sprites
they are quite simple and easily recognized

Cosmetic changes could and should be done, not in a large scale though, so they don’t disorient new players.
Everyone would love to see new skins, including myself but they can be overwhelming for those unfamiliar.
A fine line would be to introduce few skins here and there in future updates.

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i agree small changes overtime would be nice specialy if they make specific regional skins


People can learn and adapt. We are not fighter pilots where a slight change in environment will disorient and crash them…

I think that the point of my argument is how many cosmetic changes could be adapted by the average player, not hardcore fans like us. There are many people who buy this game and barely can tell the difference between units. Reskins might bring more confusion.
I am just trying to explain the devs point of view, the way I believe they view it.
Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see full reskin of civs and units but I believe that devs will not do it even if they wanted to.
I am sure small cosmetic changes will happen in time but not in large scale.

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It seems like the hardcore fans are the ones opposed to new content, maybe because it will impact their multiplayer experience and win ratio due to a few slower clicks. Everyone needs to learn how to play a game and AOE2DE is one of the easier ones compared to AOE3 for example. Even cosmetic changes like the trade carts came abruptly and others like priests/monk skins have yet to come in to date despite the graphics being already available. Anyone can recognise a monk as a guy waving their hands in game. It’s not rocket science.


its also not rocket science to see their track record on breaking things with newly added mechanics on literally every patch since release of this game

When did cosmetic changes like the change in the appearance of the trade carts break the game in any way? Straw man argument.


it didnt happen before doesnt mean it wont happen. again you didn’t read and cant comprehend what ive said. read it closely and try to understand it

We all know that you are against any new feature (unless you suggest it yourself) because it will break anything.

But since regional skins would just change the data file and not the code, does that mean you should be against any balance patches because giving Jaguar Warriors +1 Pierce Armour might brake the pathing?


I can read perfectly fine. The problem is that you are making illogical statements without knowledge of anything to do with how the game works.


sounds like you wanna jump in and take a jab, though nice try on that.

I have said many times I want new civs and mechanics but not bugs

@PeakHornet46539 clearly you can’t hence Im asking you to read again, try reading it carefully this time

All right, you two. Can you stop arguing?