[poll] Could AoM have none Human civilisations?

Elves, Dwarfs and many other humanoid beings are part of many mythologies.
Dwarfs even already exist as a unit in AoM.

Do you thing there could be a civilisation/pantheon that has no real human units.
For balance reasons those units would be technically considered “human” though.

Should AoMR have none human civilisations
  • Yes as a full civilisation
  • As a version of a existing civilisation
  • Only as single units like now
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A full civilisation would mean a full pantheon of 3+ gods and a whole unique set of units.
For example Elves could be a second civ using Norse gods like the Athlanteans having Greek gods too.

A version of an existing civilisation would be for example a version of the Norse where Elves replace the human units.

Of course Elves are just an example. It could be other beings like Vampires or Dwarfs getting a full civilisation.
Do you have an ideas for possible none human civilisations?

Hold yourself, Skadi! haha It would be too far. For those who like it, there are Warcraft, Starcraft, Stormgate, LOTR, etc…

I see vampires and werewolves in a Slavic mythology (like The Witcher) and octopus men in a Lovecraftian mythology (like the Keepers and Apothicons of Black Ops 3 and 4 Zombies)…

Any non-human being in the game should be a myth unit in my opinion, except for the dwarf, of course. Elves could very well be a new norse myth unit introduced with the new gods pack.

What about this:
Scorpion King: variant Egyptians with a Scorpion King hero that can upgrade spawn Anubite champion and Anubite raider.
Order of the Rheingold: variant Norse, all units are basically the same with somewhat different stats and upgrades, but with a “dwarven” before the name.
Titan’s Legacy: variant Greeks but the myths units and gods are Greek ones that are not included in the original Greek civ…oh we already have that.

That is way way too modern to fit into AoM.
That’s fantasy not mythology.


Think difference is that Mythologies in the game are real religions of the past and gods are granting them blessings.

What you want is fanfic surrounded around dwarves or elves worshipping their own gods.


Yes, I know…it was a crazy idea, but it would be better for an Age of Fantasy…

Of course, that is, you have Greece, Egypt, Scandinavia, the Atlantic and China… now you lack America (Aztecs and Incas), Western Europe (Celts), Eastern Europe (Slavs), the Middle East (Babylonians and Persians) and India (Mauryas and Lemurians) and so on…