[Poll/discussion] Should French be split into New France and France

  • Changes for French civ - okey (Bourbon Units + Revolutionary French revolution option
  • New French civ - X D Terrible Idea

I was thinking that if you want to represent French colonies as their own civs, you could add Haiti. First latin american nation to become independent in the Americas, fully abolitionist, funded other latin american independence movements and had a love relation with the Poles. What’s not to love about Haiti?

Polish and German support for potential Haitians civ?

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Haitians & Hawaiians - DLC + new sea maps from Caribbean and Pacific regions (brand new Minor Civilizations also)

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Haiti could be amazing if they did it justice. But this is a game about colonialism where they censored the word colonialism. There’s no way in hell they’re ever going to make Haiti anything more than a crappy revolution based on pirates. Funnily enough it’s excessive wokeness that’s preventing the creation of a civ/revolution of oppressed black people.


lol what a suggestion ROFL

For that you put a Canadian civ and ready…

Of course, or properly a French revolution per se, that turns your French civ into the French of the mod Napoleonic Era…

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Could be a pre-independent Canada (1763-1867)…

No because it’s just a British colony in that period so same problems if you use the logic of these guys.

And to the rest, I haven’t forgotten to reply, i just have a life and I’ll reply to everyone when i have time.

I can think of a plethora of potential civs I’d rather have. What we do need however are more Canadian maps.


There’s nothing I want less than a Canadian civ. A properly done revolution and some Cree and Haida civs would be a much better way to depict it.


For French, almost nothing does apart from Coureur des Bois. And one or two generic techs related to natives that most civs get anyway.

And what about Portugal gives you Brazilian vibes? The way the game is set out, Europeans should mainly be the colonial versions, while receiving techs/cards/units from the mainland. It seems pretty much the opposite in reality though.

Which update? Would be good. Remove the Napoleon stuff, make the revolt the French First Republic. The Canada revolt option makes no sense because neither New France or the British colonies here ever revolted.

And why do they get a free pass? Perhaps because, as mentioned early, the current Portuguese have 0 references to them? I am all for it still, I really don’t care if it was a colony or not.

This only helps my case lol.

No because current France is basically already Republic/Empire of France.

I agree!

This revolution option needs removing from the game entirely lmao.

This just makes it even less related to New France.

Most of the techs or cards are generic. Europeans in general are deathly generic. No reskins for any unit. No changes in how you age even though the governments were different in every country, it’s sad. But I disagree that it represents it a lot.

I will write up another thread post about how to change current French (to give more references to its colonies,(not just New France)), after seeing all the aggressive stances and feedback I received here. Don’t cry when it’s very different to the current French :slight_smile:

Hint: sugar

You know… there never was " New France " or rather “united independent” new France unlike say USA and Mexico. " but what sbout new spain?"


Also what is the purpose of this thread? From the poll it us clear at least 90% of people don’t care for " New France" and you are saying

“Na huh! You are wrong! I am going to create it !”

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I don’t care about your opinion, and it appears like you’ve forgotten your meds

Then just create your fantastical “new France”
What is the purpose of this thread and poll?

As history lover I am utterly baffled how confident a man can be when he is just so wrong.

France pretty much lost most of their American colony when they lost French Indian war to Britain.


Read my original post and my other comments rather than just the title, Mr Jones

Like I said France’s history as American colonial power is too short.
You might as well as have New Netherlands while you are at it.
Oh and what about new portugal?
Or New Russia?

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1550 to 1770 (officially) and afterwards it maintained the French language and culture very well.

If by New Portugal you mean Brazil, i also support that. However Russia’s American colonies (unless you actually mean Новороссия) were too shortlived, Same as New Netherlands.