[Poll] Do you think AOM retold should keep the corpse-decaying effect as the original & extended version?

  • Absolutely, it helps the war atmosphere and allow player to see the traces of old battles
  • It doesn’t matter to me
  • I don’t want the corpse-dacaying effect at all
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I don’t need it assuming there’s a legitimate reason to remove it (like performance or stability).


If they’ve got a legitimate reason like performance, they can make it as an option and allow player to toggle


Absolutely! And whoever voted “it doesn’t matter” is not a true age of mythology fan!


I don’t like surveys like this where one answer is clearly framed as the better option.


Relax, these three options are simple and different enough. I believe respondents have already got their solid answers before seeing this poll and won’t be guided.

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Lol, you do have a point there. How would you phrase the question in a fair way?


Yeah ,the corpse-decaying effent in the original game really impressed me a lot.

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Till now, 77% of the respondents want to keep that.

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That’s right… it’s for performance reasons that they don’t put it in…

Harmony under Heaven LOL

I don’t think that’s the main reason.

i personally think the decaying effect had its own gritty/gory “charm”.

as kid i thought “wow thats pretty dark and brutal!” and i loved it

the biggest point for decaying effect is, as someone here already mentioned, the feel of seeing the aftermath of a battle and that “something happend there”.

i personally nowdays think this would be a cool addition but i personally think there are so many more important things that i personally came to the conclusion it would be cool but i don’t really need it.

so something between A and B i guess.

108 out of 143, nearly76% of the repondents desire to keep the corpse-decaying effect


As player and streamer I love corpse-decaying effect. It gives another dimension to the atmosphere of battles. It’s an amazing feature that I am pretty sure that is not that hard to make.

Just give players an option do disable it on settings and let the 90% that enjoys it be happy.


Well said, I applaud you

Stop!!! Egyptian god power the Ancestors for Nephthys - is need a corpse-decaying!

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Absolutely keep it.

Enable/disable option


I’ll second that. Best solution for everyone.

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Then i don’t have idea why…

Yes, i agree…give the options to the players…