Poll: Do you think this game will be ever fixed?

The devs have been receiving constructive advice since the early part of the beta. To their credit, some of it, they have listened to.

It’s far more concerning how much they ignore and simply don’t address at all.

The community has brought up numerous real issues and, rather than addressing why they won’t even touch them, they just ignore and give you some silly new skin for your TC.

I find a member of the FE team basically saying that they will silence anything they don’t see as ‘constructive’ indicative of the actual feeling of the team behind AoE2 DE at this point: they feel like they know best and they don’t care what you think. If they see it as an issue, sure, they’ll fix it. If not, then you had better get used to it.


I got a new record today. One hour in matching, waiting. 10 games that either failed to connect, or freeze when started. Couldn’t play a single game. seriously don’t understand how this game can be more and more broken each patch.


Frustrations happened because many of us bought the game (for 3rd or 4th time) six months ago and we still have a product which looks like more a BETA than a finished product. Patches have been inconsistent and brought more problems than they have solved. STILL TODAY, 6 MONTHS after the launching we can not have an stable environment for multiplayer and the game is full of bugs. Finally, there is a general sentiment in the community that the FE have not addressed the main concerns of the general public and they have be not very open with their communications.

However after I see your post, I sadly think there will be not much improvement because you guys show 0 self-criticism and actually think the current status to the game is acceptable.

It is just sad.


honestly to give them some credit. it was great around between jan to march’s patch. then s*** hit the fan when april patch came in and they really wanted to put that 256x tech mod into it for some reason, along with 3rd drop site and bunch of other junk.

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Why is there no feedback to most of bug reports in these forums? Most bugs won’t ever appear in list of known issues. I am used to not visiting that list, because I know that it does’t include majority of issues. Not being included in that list is not a big problem though, because often bugs get fixed regardless of it.

But it would be nice to know for each issue, that developers are aware of it and are planning to fix it. Otherwise when some issue gets reported by many players for months, but there is no feedback and issue is still not fixed, then it creates a feeling, that developers don’t care about it :slightly_frowning_face:

During beta developers directly responded to bug reports, that “Issue is now being tracked”, “Issue is already being tracked” or “This is not an issue, because …”. I would like to see something like this now as well.


You are saying you “are listening”, but still its an absolute rarity to actually get some sort of comunication, even like this post, just anything.
Most people that are frustrated about bugs/issues, feel like sitting in the dark, only hoping there will some day be a next patch that fixes some stuff.

Not every issue can be fixed asap or even at all. Bugs happen, I work in software development as well, you just cant simulate everything. But please let us know whats going on. Give us updates, WHY cant you fix sth, WHAT are you working on, WHEN will there be a patch. Will there be a hotfix? How do you priorities look and why?
That makes it incredibly easier to deal with situations and gets rid of the feeling that you guys do not care. Cause you probably do care.

And importantly: Most people probably wont even read your post here, even though its very reasonable and well written. Cause its buried in some random thread I normally would not even open. The little information that is available is spread around everywhere. Where is the central communication place?

A place where we can read every few days/once a week whats going on. ■■■■ even reading that an issue turns out to be harder to fix than expected and takes longer is more helpful than just straight up silence.


Hi, I actually don’t think problems are not identified. As soon as patches are released, players start playing, everyone knows, what are the problems. Maybe you should look at it other way, prioritize important things. In the discussion threads of this website, there are so many unimportant things. Also in report the bug threads, there are a lot of things, that are not that important.

I suggest you should make connection with best players in the world (playing tournaments etc.) who would like to be part of communication. They make money thanks to AoE 2 and they play most of the time also, so i think it’s also their business the game is working fine.

Next idea, which i have heard a lot already and i like is to make beta patch releases, so before you replace 5 new bugs while fixing 2 bugs from last patch, you would say: “maybe, lets keep working on this patch and when and there is no issue with new patch, we release it”. Instead of releasing patches every month, i do not think it is needed and also with work hours, you can not afford it. Btw. are there any test players in dev team, who would test new patches and the game and find those bugs?

Another thing, it would be great if some big bugs such as crashing every single teamgame, malay bug, cheaters etc. could be fixed as soon as possible instead of waiting for whole month. It looks very nice to change meta civs and maps etc every month, but i do not think this helps the game that much it would compensate the bugs destroying it more. Also I am the one, who do not need at all new content challenges, weirdly looking arrows etc.

I really appreciate you resurrected 20 year old fantastic game, but sometimes less is more.


I’ll defend them on one topic: that of resource hackers (chinese cheaters). This is an ever ongoing fight which cannot easily be solved, but preventive measures can and have been taken (code wise) and should continue to be taken, like banning rapidly, no mercy for these noobs.

Other than that, with current management heading this, there is no way things are going to improve much if at all.


We haven’t been able to play team games for 6 days since the latest update was released due to the now famous disconnect bug. And there was not a single post by the dev team on it. Given the severity of the issue, communication on it was essential to ease the frustration that players are feeling.

We invest our time into this game because we love it. And then we find that time and again our time is wasted in every single game because one player randomly disconnects. And then we find that there is absolutely no update on the issue from the devs.

And I will try my best to provide some constructive feedback here: prioritize the core gameplay please. Things like the 256x tech mod was not something that was essential by any means, and yet it broke the core gameplay by leading to exploits, and the Malay bug. That is fine, this can happen. But then we had to wait 30 days for it to be addressed. If an update breaks the core gameplay, I feel that update should be rolled back immediately. And zero communication never helps.

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T minus 27 days left before multiplayer and some other issue gets fixed, then reintroduce 5 more new bugs

Malay bug is not caused by the tech mod though…

Do you know what did cause it then? I don’t, but it doesn’t seem illogical to assume these are linked, when a tech goes to 166% at the same time the 256x tech cheat code changed the way techs are researched in the game.

Hi men I love this game, now with the quarantine I made videos for the comunity in spanish in my YouTube channel, for me, I have more 200 games played, I used to play on voobly, but I love play with out lag, I love the new mechanics as a queue for vills tasks or that with a hotkeys I can select all the stables in the game but the mele units attack is a bug, in many oportunities I want that my knights attack with patrol (was the bedt way for attack in groups) but many units freeze (similar when the villagers try to collect wood in the same tree for example), the other stuff is the hitboxes are very bigs in the case of villagers build a castle, I try to attack a vill with archer but the game select the castle to attack, is annoying, for me only improve those stuff and Will be the better game, I trust that the devs can with those problemas

By this logic, you’d say that the issue with Burmese and Indian UT was the mod’s fault as well.

I’m no dev, but x256 tech makes things faster and stronger, not slower and weaker.

Hotfix out, TG should be fine again

His point stands, communication with the community is essential and that should be the community manager’s job.

I haven’t tried the hotfix yetz but the fact that they put out a hotfix so quick gives me some hope. Anyone tried it?

Here’s my topic concerning Attack Move that has already been requested for and added to Villagers: Please add Attack Move and Patrol commands when Trebuchets are selected with other military units

My first post on this forum was a request for picking colors in Ranked, and more visible Relics. They both got implemented in the very next patch so thank you for that. Also I love the mods and events, it makes the game 10x more fun. I’m hoping we get Paladin and Knight visual mods in the future.

I was possibly going to make a topic on Viking Extreme AI lagging the ■■■■ out of the game in Castle Age to the point I can’t even move my cursor, but I can’t post the replay because the recent patch broke it. When looking back at the replay it was switching between different buildings/spamming commands like 1000 times per second, it’s the only thing that could have caused the lag because there were hardly any units on the map, and I have a very good PC. Depending on how you attack it in Castle Age the AI can go crazy and lag the game to death. I have played hundreds of games vs DE AI though. My worry is this could possibly be exploited in Multiplayer if a player uses a macro to execute commands rapidly to lag the game, and could be contributing to lag in general.

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