Please add Attack Move and Patrol commands when Trebuchets are selected with other military units

Right now there is no way to Attack Move your units if you have even one Trebuchet selected. When ordering units I too often drag box over my Trebuchets when trying to defend them and can’t order Attack Move or Patrol on my surrounding units because of it.

Select all Land Military Units and Select all Visible Land Military Units hotkeys are very useful when used with Attack Move for reinforcing/regrouping units or for attacking/defending many positions at once but they always select your Trebuchets as well so you can’t use Attack Move unless you have no Trebuchets or manually deselect them which takes 20 times longer than the 2 button presses would’ve taken.


Is this a request for auto treb? Trebs are already easier to use in DE

No, I want Attack Move to ignore Trebuchets, but still let other units be able to Attack Move when selected.


Yes when I get to death ball stage if I have access to bombard cannons I end up deleting trebs as they’re too annoying trying to exclude them every time you do an Attack Move

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Every selected unit without an Attack Move will move to the location you click like Villagers and even Trade Carts which move with your army formation. Trebuchets should behave the same way as Trade Carts when packed, and do nothing when unpacked. It makes no sense that you can’t select Trebuchets, but it works perfectly fine for every other unit type.


Very relevant! We definitely need it!
Especially that we now have hotkeys such “Select All Land Military Units”, “Select all Military Units Visible on the Screen”

If there’s a treb in those groups you can’t just patrol / attack ground with selected units so you lose time by diselecting trebs from the army.

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I’ll pass along the idea to the team and see what they think. :wink:


If you make patrol and attack move doable despite having some villagers in a selected group - that would be awesome!

Villagers just like trebs wouldn’t be affected by the command.


+1 to this request (for Trebs in particular).

Especially that we now have hotkeys such “Select All Land Military Units”, “Select all Military Units Visible on the Screen”


  • Attack Move and Patrol commands can now be issued when Trebuchets are included in the selected group. Trebuchets will neither patrol nor attack move, but will move along with the group.

Thank you. There is one issue though: While Patrol works fine, Unpacked Trebuchets will Pack when given an Attack Move order with other units selected. They only stay Unpacked if you Attack Move directly on top of the Trebuchet(s).

I’ve added this as an additional consideration. We’ll take a look and see if additional adjustments are in order!


While I think the adjustments made to trebuchets were sorely needed and positive, the decision to add Trebuchets to the “Select All Military Units on Screen” hotkey was a mistake - I find that it has added the same tedious micro-management as before, only from a different perspective this time. I use the hotkey constantly as newly produced units come out, and having trebs in view becomes a huge detriment. Would appreciate an option to exclude the unit from the selection mechanism.