[ Poll ] First thing you gonna do when this game comes out

I’m a campaign and skirmish only player in Age of Empires. I just can’t get into multiplayer Age of Empires because I play so inefficiently and city-buildish that I would lose every single time. I just like to build up an army and march my troops around like a general YAAAGHH!!!


There is no shame in playing against the A.I., especially if you’re enjoying certain non-efficient aspects like settlement building, turtling or simply want to chill and have a good time without the adrenaline kick.
Not everyone has a great deal of time on their hands to learn and memorise build orders or strategies and practice their APM to stay competitive.

From time to time I’ll also be looking forward to some comp-stomp (human vs A.I.) public matches, hopefully there are going to be others who’ll feel the same.


I’ve never been good at PvP and playing against other players. I would always play against bot/AI because it was less stressful, though it could just be me having a mindset that ‘beating another player makes them sad’, and ‘being beaten makes me sad’.
That’s why I turned to make fun PvE scenarios which everyone can enjoy without the needed stress. This is what I am very keen to do when AoE IV releases. :slight_smile:

You will play the game? Rlly?

I’ll try the beta First

I remember back in 2013 I played Age of Empires 2 HD with some friends and it was sooo much fun. Looking wback we all were pretty much noobs but still this was the most fun part about the game. Ebven playing it today its most times with a friend.