[Poll] Five-Question-Friday

Hey guys,

Just a little topic with some random questions. Would love to see your opinion. Maybe I’ll make it a reoccurring series, we’ll see.

Have fun voting and debating!

  1. What Eco upgrade(s) would you miss more in a 1v1 Arena?
  • Gold Shaft Mining
  • Stone Shaft Mining, Crop Rotation and Guilds
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  1. Out of the following 3 Civs, who has the most useful team bonus for a 4v4 on Arabia?
  • Burgundians
  • Byzantines
  • Goths
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  1. You’re playing pocket in a 4v4 Arabia. Out of the 6 Battle Elephant Civs, which one would you pick to go Scouts into Knights into Elephants?
  • Bengalis
  • Burmese
  • Dravidians
  • Khmer
  • Malay
  • Vietnamese
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  1. You are playing pocket on Black Forest. You just want to have fun with towers. You don’t have a pond but you go for a sick boom into fully upgraded Towers in Imp. What Civ do you choose?
  • Britons
  • Japanese
  • Koreans
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  1. Out of the following 3, what’s overall the most useful technology?
  • Architecture
  • Fortified Wall
  • Hoardings
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  1. Don’t really mind too much, but I’d rather have guilds than gold shaft mining.
  2. I don’t like using monks for healing to the extent that the Byz bonus impacts me very much, and I wouldn’t really want to be an infantry civ in a TG very much, so I guess it has to be Burgundians, even though none of the bonuses are that helpful. Goths might be better, but I wouldn’t want them on my team, I’d much rather have Burgs.
  3. Khmer, because they’re probably the strongest, and I really like playing them.
  4. Koreans, because I prefer their towers to the others, and the only reason I’d pick Britons would be for the boom. I wouldn’t want to do towers anyway.
  5. Architecture, because it affects all buildings, and also gives hidden building armor + regular armor, so it’s much more universally applicable than the other two.

While Khmer probably plays better thanks to their insane food eco, I kinda think Burmese might be worth mentioning for their mega tanky Elephants, and now with Castle Age they can do Manipur Cavalry to wreck Archers even more decisively.

Japanese >>> Koreans on BF tower spam, Yasama is just an insane tech. Add your (recently buffed lmao!) Kataparuto trebs on top to challenge any Siege and it’s just recipe for a really fun time… for you, and definitely not for the enemy.

To my knowledge, Architecture doesn’t really do much against Siege weapons outside of providing more HP and Castles are way more important, so I prefer Hoardings. Fortified Wall can be very important too on closed maps.

Hi !
Nice topic idea !

1- I dont think Gold shaft mining is worth anywhere close to Stone shaft mining + guilds + crop rotation on a map that tend to go late. I would only favir Gold shaft mining if it were aboit a 1v1 gold rush and maybe Arabia with a gold heavy civ

2- The 3 boni are weak for team games. I would pick the Goth team bonus in case of being left alone and needing pikes. This choice is independent on what the civ brings (as if my 4 players team could get a 5th team bonus among them)

3- I think Khmer would be stronger, but I’d rather pick my main civ Burmese. The question is about who I would pick, not who I think would be stronger.

4- I think Japanese would be stronger, but I’d rather pick my 4th favorite civ Korrans. The question is about who I would pick, not who I think would be stronger.

5- I choose Architecture for its versatility and the fact that I wont need to stop castle production.

Are we gonna talk about how 1/3 of the civ options can’t even do this? It’s a nice thought, but only as real as the famous Bulgarian M@A → Eagles → 2H.


Lul wanted to ask the same question 11

But on a more serious note: I voted for Burmese. I think Burmese eles are a little bit stronger than Khmer in team games since they are basically immune to archers, tcs and castles. Still I think it’s more realistic for a Khmer player to get to eles because of their insane food eco.