[Poll] Fix the campaign civs?

Right now there are too many versions of US in the campaign:
(1) Emilia Black’s Falcon Company
(2) Independence War US
(3) Chayton Black’s Falcon Company
(4) Custer’s US Army
(5) Battle of New Orleans US

(2) is quite unique and very different from the now in-game US (which has the setting from post-revolution to civil war), so it could remain as it is.
(5) is very similar to the US civ but still slightly different in the techtree.
All the rest are either reskinned British (Emilia Black even has redcoats) or strange hybrids (the Chayton Black one seems to be the same civ as the Independence War one, which is really odd. You can even send Iroquouis/Haud units from the home city).

Similar things also happen for the Ethiopians in Da Gama’s Expedition, Aztecs in Act 1 and Incas in Act 3 (mainly composes of native units).
Also, Mexico is still Spain with Spanish flag, which could be replaced with the the revolution civ (at least the flag).

Should those all be “standardized” to the actual playable civ like they did for AOE2 when they release new civs? What do people think?

  • I want these fixed
  • Better save the time and effort for sth more important

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Definitely agree. There’re so many different US’s that I wouldn’t be surprised if newer players got super confused.

Now that we also have Mexico and the Mexico in the campaigns is still Spain, maybe reconsider this?

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