Poll for automatic features with hopefully accurate opinions

Do you believe that with careful consideration that more automatic features such as the ones that exist currently:

villagers attack scouts if they have loom and the scout attacks them, trebs attack other trebs automatically when unpacked, and more which includes auto scout and auto re-seed.

: could be added to the game?

-this part is not part of the poll -my opinion is to perhaps add an auto queue for villagers at town centers as an option for instance and perhaps if trebs also attacked other siege units such as scorpions and bombards not just other trebs, but I also believe auto queueing military units is detrimental -*this part is not part of the poll -

  • Yes
  • No
  • non-existent opinion
  • The current ones are all we need, no need for more
  • I would remove certain features that exist
  • I would remove certain features that exist but would consider new features if they add to the experience positively and that they’re well thought out.

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Trebs do attack other trebs. At least, they do in a scenario I’ve built where one player has unselectable trebs, but they auto-fire on enemy trebs without needing triggers or other instructions.

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Stop trolling and play the game.

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i’d appreciate some military stances for villagers.


What is an “accurate opinion”? One that equals yours?


Yes, What about diferent stances with some esecial effects. Some examples:

-Aggresive: Vil just attack when is attacked. Doesn’t pursuit the agressor but stays idle after the attack.
-Defensive: Vil run away from the agressor. Speed buff until agressor leaves LOS, but it lost all rescources gathered.
-Forced: Vil keep gathering resorces ignoring the agressor, but lost loom armor while is attacked.

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why do you want to make changes to the villeger ? i agree with the first part of everything

-Aggresive: Vil just attack when is attacked.
-Defensive: Vil run away from the agressor.
-Forced: Vil keep gathering resorces/building/working ignoring the agressor.

why not have an auto play button? i’m for that. You click it, and Extreme Ai takes over. Maybe even Barbarian Ai, wouldn’t that be nice! :crazy_face:

seriously though remembering to make vils is one of the things that separates unskilled players from skilled players, it’s something that you need to work on as you play. The game shouldn’t do that for you. With everything Auto, you’d turn the game into an Idle RTS or something, that doesn’t sound like much fun.
i can already imagine the Instagram Ad caption " Build an Empire and decimate your enemies! Click the Auto Play button and level up your crappy empire for no reason whatsoever!"


Not just Barbarian, we need to sub in Rehoboam for the micro fights with ranged units! :joy:
Also, if this is deteriorating into an Auto-everything topic, it’s time for the video to be posted!


In regards to auto queueing villagers, you would still need to know when to idle it, research or add food early from boar to power it. Just like with auto-scout - it’s something to keep an eye on and turn off when optimal and turn on when optimal.

Or how about no auto queue? It literally doesn’t need to br in aoe2 and literally when it is running its superior to manual production which is a huge red flag. Literally only 15% of the people polled so far support adding more automation and 1 of those 3 people wants to scale back current automation

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The question is, what do they want to remove? Its just auto-scout and farm reseeding as far as I know. Both of them are good, but further automation would definitely be stretching it, or just plain bad. I like auto-scout largely because it lets you get 100% of the map explored, and it let’s you focus on other stuff once you no-longer need to use the scout for anything, and auto-reseed it essential as a QoL thing. Having to manually reseed or queue farms was pointless and really annoying.

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MatCauthon is right, with auto vill queue it would be super easy to have 0 idle TC time in Dark and Feudal age, it would be far superior to manual queuing! Auto scout is a thing but it is much worse than manual scouting, the scout pattern is a bit wacky and not ideal, generally it is only used at very low elo for this reason, however auto queuing a building would have 100% efficiency (as long as you have food, which isn’t hard to get) which is a problem! Unless there is some sort of penalty, like for example: with auto vill queue there is a 33% chance the vill dies when created. Joking about this, but you get my point.

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I use it after I no longer need the scout and want to know where everything is, or to get the 99%/100% explored.

I don’t think autoqueue for villagers would be good, but certainly more auto QoL changes should be added. Melee units should automatically change focus to the nearest enemy when the opponent micros it into a blocked location. Villagers should automatically choose to kill one sheep at a time, and prioritize dead ones over killing another.


If talking about units targeting, shift-queuing should work on targets too … there’s no reason not to … (it works sometimes but not with all units)