[Poll] Graphic update

doing polls in this forums doesn’t reflect the reality not even a 5%… I already visualize the mostly negative reviews on steam, and I am proudly be one of those.

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Yes, here in the forum the comments are more positive than on Youtube or Steam.
And I have the feeling many people lose the interest in the game and don’t care anymore.

I don’t see the hype an Age game normally would get.

Steam is not the ultimate truth, I will repeat my comment to you from another thread, you are not at all awesome, summing up the feedback of players from YouTube videos, from polls of this forum and other sites (not Steam), we can conclude that people are happy to wait game, you can be proud in any other place, and this forum seems to exist for people who are going to play the game and discuss its aspects. You can just not play, and keep your very accurate analytics, with percentages, to yourself, this simultaneously causes laughter and Spanish shame.

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seeing this poll again, I like the outcomes. Except for units its mostly the most positive answers at the top, which pretty much is my opinion :smiley:

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I think the poll results are not that.
I’m not sure how the results for an average game would look like but 30% thing the game doesn’t look good enough and 10% even think it’s beyond saving, that’s quit a lot.

20-30% thing the Land units or Water looks bad or even awful, that’s quit a lot.
I personally very rarely look at a new game and think something looks bad or even awful.
People that don’t like something are always louder than people that like something. So it’s to be expected that if 1/4 of the people don’t like it than you will see a lot of negative feedback.
We don’t know how the public opinion outside of this Forum looks like. Steam Community Forums are definitely not representative for any community, because from my personal experience people only go there complain about the game.
Same can be seen on Youtube, the ratings of the videos are very positive but the comments are not.

Some where between 1/4 to 1/3 of the community here has a problem with how the game looks like. That’s surprisingly many.
I hope the problems can be mitigated by them showing actual gameplay instead of always showing those zoomed in shots. No one looks closely at the units in the game.
Like for example in AoE2 all the arrows and other projectiles spawn in the wrong places but no one complaints about that because they just play the game. In AoE4 they analyse the little footage we have frame by frame.
In AoE3 all the faces of all units look dead because they have no facial animations, they look really creepy when you look at them close up. But no one ever does that.

I love how AoE4 looks like but from a Marketing/PR perspective they have to improve the public image of the game.
There are two things they have to do:

  1. Improve some of the most criticised aspects of the game (like water atm.)
  2. Show the game in more favourable ways. Show how it looks like when it’s actually played and don’t show strange camera angles all the time.

But there are things that can’t or shouldn’t be changed that people don’t like

  1. Scaling of Buildings and Units is very hard to change without impacting playability and readability. It would likely ruin the game if they went for a 1 to 1 scale between buildings and units.
  2. Manned Siege would be a lot of work to implement now, especially because people would expect different skins for each civilisation.
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That is by if you are including Proportions-haters in Graphic Haters. For much people the only graphic complain (or the best) is about proportions.

When i said developers are going a bit far from what people are waiting for in term of graphic i’m referring to the famous “official survey”

See the question n. 8: The most of people (80%) asked for bright and Realistic Graphic: realistic Means something between “AOE and Company of Heroes”. This Is the reason i often made the “Spellforce3” example.

For now this game seems Bright but not realistic.


-Civilization: is literally based on schematized figures, you cannot demand proportions from it.
-Warcraft 3: casually i never played Warccraft 3 because visualy hurts me (by the proportions). And Warcraft it is not the more beautifull game.
-Starcraft 2: is a futurist game where some buildings/units/starships are too large or small to being representative with a correct escale. But by being a futurist game too many times dont have nothing to compare proportions and by that is not a point that highlight. (i played Starcraft 2 for many years)

Edit: i see too much to use Starcraft as example of bad proportions but mostly there are correct proportions in the game.

neither Warcraft nor Starcraft are famous for good graphics.

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Who put Age 1/2/3 graphics in the same category as Total War?

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And look at the question 21: the graphic improvements have been One the more requested thing but some people think It’s not important.

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I don’t see that previous AoE games had good graphics like Total War. We’re talking about RTS, which claims to be eSports.


The question was between Cartoon and Realistic.
On that scale the game is definitely more on the realistic side. There was no “I want it mostly realistic but with some small changes to improve readability” answer.

No Total War looks as good as AoE3DE.
And no Total War before AoE3 looked as good as AoE3.

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I dont speak about graphics, but about proportions. Proportions are in aesthetic group but are not graphics.

Graphics in AoE4 are not bad but proportions are only comparable to AoE1.

Then it doesn’t make sense, the developers said that they changed the proportions of weapons and everything that a group of advisor players did not like. And yes, most people forget that the developers have a community control group, trusted people who fix the game’s flaws.

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See that players like.

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Youtube has more positive comments than Negative, they also have more liked comments.

Again showing that you don’t actually care about the game, just the graphics


Well, for me graphics are part of the game and very important, it helps with game immersion, animations also help… right now all I see is age of Empires IV Disney Edition, which I totally dislike.


I am ok with the game. I already own the gamepass and gonna play ■■■■ out of this game. Change my mind.

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Hello! I am new to this forum. I am looking forward to play this game.