[POLL] Building Size

So to get a better overview about how people feel about the building size I wanted to make a poll to get a clearer picture.

  • Buildings are too small
  • Building size is great
  • Buildings are too tall

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Feel free to add how big the change should be, if you are unhappy with the current size.

AoE2 has some poorly proportioned buildings, but this is only seen if you take a closer look at the proportions.

I basically want it to be like this, not to stand out at first glance. When I saw the presentation of the game in 2021, as soon as I saw it the first thing that caught my attention was that they had destroyed the proportions.

Proportions are vital for something to look good and in AoE4 the buildings are not proportional or to each other.


In another topic i sugested the following:

"Variables to be considered in buildings proportions/size

  • Building area
  • Building Height
  • Building occupied surface (OS)

Possible improvements in each variable:

Building area: i think anyway you can increase the building area at least 10-15%

Building Height: This is the biggest issue, an increase in 50% is needed. 70% in some buildings

Building OS: It depends of the case and it’s hard to put it in numbers right now, but in some buildings the OS can be updated to an avg of 90% for all buildings."

Maybe an increase of 50% in height is a little bit too excessive, but 30-40% can be a good option, just look at this image that other user (Lostcord3) posted in this forum:

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Almost every RTS has comically small buildings.

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I don’t see a choice to vote that the buildings are spaced too far apart on their footprints that are forcing the buildings to be too small to fit enough buildings on the screen.

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I wanted to bring you this reddit post so you can see how the buildings would be 20% larger


Amazing work. Devs should take a look at this!

Need to play the game before because judging like this is stupid.
When i play aoe2 or aoe3 sometime cant select my units because of to small unit or to big building so

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It is obvious in the released images that the building density in AoE4 is far less than that of all other age games. That’s been my eureka moment that explains the scaling issues. It’s not a simple matter of embiggening the buildings. The only way to do so and salvage perspective so the player can see a wider view of their base is to shrink the curtilage of the buildings. In this way, I believe it’s ultimately an art style/ possible gameplay decision that is echoing through and causing the unintended consequence of messing up scale.

This is a big deal. While some players are turned off visually, it’s way more than that. AoE has a certain feel to it. If you can’t quickly see the right amount of your base, you get kinda lost in it and the placement of buildings begins to feel meaningless or arbitrary. That ends up creating an experience that feels foreign and un-AoElike. I have tons of experience with all five existing AoE games, and they all have about that same exact sweet spot of camera altitude that allows you to see and access about the same amount of the map. There’s nothing magical about how AoE2 does this. It’s the same everywhere. And it comes down to that Goldilocks zone of building density.

I think Ensemble knew this implicitly, whether they ever said if or not. It’s in the AoE DNA. Yet it is not coming through in these publicly released images of AoE4, and players seem to be processing this as a scaling issue. That’s close but not exactly the issue.

I think the building is too small. Larger buildings will have a better sense of immersion and will make the city look more spectacular.
The Age of Empires production team has fixed a lot of problems, and currently there are only two left, and the other is that there is no operator for the siege weapon.


It is not only a buildings density question. If you increase density you still have Hobbiton but with more density.

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Right. But then you can increase building size and solve the issue.

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