[poll] Guess the new civilisation/culture

There is a good chance that AoMR will include a new civilisation/culture, because both AoE2DE and AoE3DE included new civilisations in the base game.

Which civilisation do you think is the most likely to be added to AoMR?

  • American (Aztec or Mayan)
  • Celtic
  • Slavic
  • African
  • Mesopotamian (Sumerian and Akkadian)
  • Persian (Zoroastrianism)
  • Indian (Brahmanism, Jainism, Buddhism and/or Hinduism)
  • ######## (Xiongnu, Turks, Mongols, Huns, etc.)
  • Japanese (Shinto)
  • Polynesian
  • Other
  • None
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I hope I didn’t forget any popular civilisations but that’s what the “Other” option is for. Maybe they’ll surprise us.

Curious if we can make the right guess.
Maybe we will already see by the end of next week what we will get.

The sky god is angry about this censorship!

I would choose all.

Mesopotamian should just be renamed to the Babylonians if we have to choose 1. There are several reasons I think Babylonians are more suitable:

1.) They are not as old compared to the Sumerians. Because of this… we have more information about them in regards to their gods, culture, and military.

2.) If I recalled correctly, the Babylonians defeated the Akkadians. I would prefer to be in control of a historically stronger civ than a weaker one.

3.) The Babylonians, iirc, existed during the Greek, the Chinese, and the Egyptian power. In a sense, the Babylonians would definitely fit right in with them. The Sumerians would predate even the Egyptians, Greeks, and the Chinese.

The Persians would be a great choice. I wouldnt be surprised if they were the next DLC civ. I can see them being in the story towards the end. They have a ton of beastiary that consist of demons. What better way to end the campaign story with an omen from the demonic Persian harbingers? At one time, they were a polytheistic civilization so the Persian would work!

The Aztecs will likely be in it so I wont comment further. Japanese civ would also be a great addition. We need more Asian mythologies.

The Maoris would be a highly underrated civ. I think given its culture and where they live, they would make the game more appealing visually with its beaches and coconut trees, but also their gods and monsters.


The religion of the Sumerians was basically a precedessor of the religions of later Mesopotamian cultures like Babylon and Assyria. I would just make a unified Mesopotamian mythology, with the three main gods being Enlil (mainly for the Sumerian themselves), Marduk for the Babylonians and Ashur for the Assyrians.

Although when it comes to naming gods and creatures, maybe the Babylonian names could be used, as they are arguably the most representative ones).

This would be my favorite mythology to be added to Retold.

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The Akkadians are an umbrella term for Babylonians and Assyrians.

What the civ ends up being called at the end is a different question and I agree that Babylonians would probably be the most recognizable.

I totally agree.
They would perfectly fit into AoM.

They are also high on my priority list.
I also think they are likely to be added to AoMR rather sooner then later.

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