[POLL] Map/placement-layout gridbased or dynamic

Quickwalling is a big thing in AoE2 and is really rewarding when applied correctly. It can change the outcome of a situation quite enormous is a positive and negative way and it’s a useful skill to learn and master. It’s one of a thing that I’d really like in AoE4, however im not quite sure if quickwalling is only possible if the map layout is grid based or if it can be implemented in such a way that quickwalling can work efficient and fast with a dynamic placement system.(gaps are harder to see/fill with a dynamic system)

So therefore Im quite curious what people think about the general layout of the map, i.e. if the map should be grid-based(like AoE2) or dynamic(like AoE3), because I think the latter will reduce or even remove the quickwalling.

What layout-system should AoE4 use?

  • Gridbased map/placement (e.g. AoE2)
  • Dynamic map/placement (e.g. AoE3)

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Dynamic map placement, with enhanced zoom and 360 degree rotation option needs to be considered in the development of AoE IV.

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Wow, don’t think I’ve realized this before or at least haven’t for a long time that Age II’s grid is so much funner for me than Age III’s method. No wonder I’ve never really cared for placing walls (and buildings?) in Age III, with how free-form weird it feels. I knew, but it was more subconscious. Now that I’m more cognizant of the difference, I can now add it to my list of Age III’s dislikes.

I think it feels more RTS to have a grid; and is what I’m used to for all RTS games. To not have a grid-based system feels odd for an RTS.

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Although there are obviously some popular RTS Games without a grid. But maybe those don’t care that much about Basebuilding

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I’d go for a grid here. Yeah, it’s cool to be able to place your buildings wherever you want, but the grid is just easier to work with to make sure you wall off correctly or leave enough room for units to make their way through.

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hm-5 hm-3
There is grids,confirmed by Behind the Scenes video


Also remember,SC2 used grids as well.
Grids are very helpful when you are building a base


I find AoE2’s grids to be restrictive and unappealing.

Those are supposed to be a city’s medieval walls but end up looking more like an american cavalry fort of the 18th century made with a ruler and a protractor.

Also I dislike this AoE2 trend of walling yourself up by just putting down buildings in straight lines next to each other rather than using actual walls. It’s grid system must be encouraging this behavior.

AoE2 players love it but for a new game it would feel really silly and outdated for me.

Similarly with trapping armies or rescuing villagers by just putting down quickly the foundations of a couple of wall or building tiles next to each other.
Cmon, those things feel more like exploiting the restrictions of an old oudated grid design rather than intended gameplay. It’s great for the experience that AoE2 has to offer but keep it there. I wouldn’t want to see them again.
Also, circular walls are a thing.

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There can be underlying grids that dont show on the overlay. AOE Online had grids in where you could play buildings but you couldnt see them.

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I’m commenting on this post because of the quick walling comment.
Quick walling is something I would prefer NOT to see in Age IV. It doesn’t make sense from a practical perspective to magically trap units, and as it is, it is way too powerful.

If you are going to keep quick walling as part of the game, I would like to see cancelling cost needs to be dramatically increased to punish cancelled buildings or the health on the buildings to increase exponentially as they build so that they are easier to kill.

We want games to be action packed to be more fun, not a turtlefest.

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