(poll) Please, stop trying to make this game easier

What are you talking about? It’s a fair question. Split Formation was never intended to be used as a dodge function, but we do it all the time. Its more of an automation then any thing suggested by anyone on the forum.

You click a button, and the AI dodges the Onager shot.

While I agree with you that too much automation is no fun, there’s a barrier between “too much” and “just right” and if you stay within just right zone then you’re fine. Personally I’d say auto scouting is within the “just right” zone cuz it hardly impacts how you and I would play, I assume. Even if it does impact newer players, it wouldn’t be a negative impact, so why should we care?

Unit autoqueue is also a nice QoL feature. A sister RTS game also from Ensemble studio (the original dev) which is AoM has it too and many people love it.

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