(poll) Please, stop trying to make this game easier

The title says it loudand clear. After autoscouting (which is still hardly accepted) a lot of people is suggesting ideas about more automatic functions: auto queues for villagers, soldiers, easier micro for monks… Soon enough they’ll ask something for rebuild lumbercamps or doing upgrades automatically.

This has to stop. The game has been fun, hard and competitive for 20 years. And a lot of people like it like that. Heck, most of people like it lile that.

If you think this game should be like this or that RTS, the go and play this or that RTS.

Don’t make AOE2 DE a casual game. This is not Counter strike. This is not Fifa. There’s a lot of things to do, a lot of things to learn AND IT GETS FUNNIER AS YOU LEARN.

And no, I’m not a good player. I suck,but Stil i think is better to play for myself

Vote, please

  • Yes you’re right. I don’t want any other automated functionality. Game is ok right now.
  • you’re right. I hate automatic gameplay. They should even remove autoscouting
  • No, give me more automatic stuff
  • Not sure about it

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Nice one, calling CS a “casual game”. The game has a stark learning curve and requires a lot of skill both in gun control and situational awareness/assessment.
Kind of like how you need to both have a good micro in combat, and manage a proper macro in terms of economy and strategy in age of empires.
At least at higher levels, because you can definitely play both games casually if you want.

With the flimsy comparison out of the way, I tend to agree with you on a lot of points, and I hope that microsoft won’t shoot their competitive playerbase in the foot. I wouldn’t mind those types of “assists” if they were toggleable/disabled in ranked, but I wouldn’t want them to be forced into games.

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Voted “not sure about it” because I overwhelmingly agree with you, but I think that some automated things are useful and this should be explored more. I’m sure there’s plenty of non-intrusive ideas worth considering as they could be seen as quality of life or ways to bring people up.

But please no “auto villagers” or things that would clearly propel people upwards in terms of elo. I am open arms regarding things that are useful but still need to be mastered, or things that are useful up to certain skill level like the auto scouting recently introduced. that’s a good way to be inviting to beginners. And a growing community is a good one !


What i mean with this is that CS doesn’t have that much stuff to take care off. Is less complex thah AOE. Yes, there’s a learning curve, of course, but still less stuff to think off.

Yeahz i’m sure some little stuff could be added, but I fear it may lead to some bigchanges. I rather have nothing else

brah so far the only auto feature i want removed is the censorship bot ! I can turn off auto scout but can’t turn off censorship oh no! i read morsecode from team mates *** * *** * !!!

Where is the enemy team going ? Should we buy or not ? What weapons ? Grenades ? What throws are we going to do ? What is the ENEMY team going to buy ? Do they have armor ? Where do we attack/defend ? If x teammate dies, what is the backup plan ? and so on and so forth. And during multiple rounds in a row. It requires a ton of stuff to learn, master and actually be able to apply during games. There are metas, there are counter-plays, there are tons of “build orders”, but a good dose of adaptation as well if you are caught with your pants down. You have a TON of things you have to think of if you want to play competitively.
For an FPS game, it is one of the more complex ones. Aoe2 is complex in the same regard, although I’d still argue that it is quite hard to compare genres that are very different in their mechanics and the comparison isn’t very good.

A better point of comparison, for a rather non-complex RTS would be age of empires 3 on the macro side of thing for its simpler economy, or the stronghold series in terms of micro and military (just make a blob of units and charge them in). And boi, I don’t want those dumbed down mechanics in age of empires 2.


I don’t mind adding features If they are optional. Not giving people the option to turn off the auto scouting makes no sense. With the option casuals and more serious players can both be appeased. I can’t fathom changing a 20 year old game so fundamentally without adding an option.

Sorry man to be blunt your vote is pretty skewed. I could be wrong but i doubt people who disagree will necessarily even vote since you give such incredibly warped options, along with the “you are right” making it even worse.

Imho it might help to make a far less subjectively skewed vote.

While at the same time this really feels like brexit voting… There was already vote that established out of 1500+ people the majority were not completely against auto scouting… Do we need to keep having votes until you get one that supports your view?

And finally, it never ceases to amaze me how many people have so little knowledge of player bases… The money lies with the masses. In order to make more money you need to make something that is appealing to not only a small group of people. So stop shooting down the devs for trying different things to make the game slightly more appealing to non AOE legacy members

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I admit I was kinda mad when I made the poll. I gave wrapped options because I didn’t want to give ideas

No. Autoscouting is a reality by now. I just want to know how much people want it removed. It’s not about getting cheered for what I think

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I mean, the auto farm queue and auto vill queue were needed, but they did not add bots to the game. This is the issue

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that is because you dont play cs at the highest level. cs go is trashy compare to cs 1.6 and the skill ceiling in 1.6 so much higher.

also compare a FPS and RTS game just isn’t viable. aoe 2 does have a lot of micro/macro and stuff to do, but in terms of micro it is still behind starcraft broodwar as it is more macro based than starcraft. where as cs 1.6 punishes hard where AOE2 theres still chance to recover, in counterstrike less to do but if you make a mistake its much harder to come back.

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The majority of people were against it. 55%+ total wanted it not in ranked gameplay with more people wanting it completely out of the game (~29% iirc) in comparison to those who wanted it in the game (22% iirc).

I’ve played a lot of Cs back in the day. Anyway, I did not want to offend people with my comparisons. I just wanted to name a random game that have less things to focus. I’m not saying ir easier, and probably mistakes punish harder. But what I meant is in shooters you only have to think in put yourself in a good spot, shoot faster than your enemyand have money tu but guns. AOE has more things going on. I’m not saying is easier or harder, just more complex when it comes to taks


When are we going to remove split formations? I don’t need more automation when it comes to controlling my troops and dodging siege onagers.

None of these answers work for me. I don’t think you’re right (so I can’t choose any of the “you’re right” answers), but I also don’t think I want more automatic stuff (so I can’t choose the “no” response you’ve given). If you had taken the “you’re right” part out of the responses to remove the bias and the need to agree with your opinion, I could have voted, no problem.

I think the devs pretty much nailed it with what I’d ever want automated, and don’t think any more automations are necessary at this time, that I can think of.

In late games, I don’t particularly enjoy having to re-queue a bunch of farms every so often, as I have bigger fish to fry at that point; so, I appreciate the auto-farm replenish button. I also think auto-pack and -unpack of trebs is nice. The auto-scout is good, but I think it should probably only be an option that is available in the Dark Age, or only allowed for the first 5 or 10 minutes of the game.

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What about the Split Formation (or AI dodge that Siege Onager shot for me)? Good or bad?

What I would like is just Autoqueing. That doesn’t even require the AI to do anything. It just relieves me of the APM tax that comes with continuously building units and villagers that I was going to build in the first place anyway.

Its the same basic principle as auto queuing Fish Traps and Farms, also new to Age of Empires 2 DE.

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Just, like, get a mod, or something, that turns off automatic harvesting, if APM and micro managing is such a core and irreplaceable component of strategy games. And no more hot keys either!


No, you misunderstand, I’m the opposite. I want as to reduce the micro in things that I don’t think are important. I want to make the decision more interesting.

Auto Queuing Fish Traps and Farms are awesome. They improve the game tremendously.

I would love it if accidentally killing boars with town centers still allowed you to collect food.

I think it’s cool that you can auto scout a bit, especially in the late game, when I’m too busy trying not to die.

I think it would be great if I could set Town Centers to produce villagers, and just move to set up my economy and getting ready for battle.

I think APM is important, but there are things that the game forces us to do for no other reason than to force us to do things. And a lot of it has been taken care of. We are no longer forced to manual reseed farms. Heck, we don’t even have to queue them up at Mills any more (Yes!). We are no longer forced to rebuild Fish Traps, as we used to in the Age of Empires 2 and HD editions. It is a great step forward.

Scouting, Scouting I can take or leave. There are a lot of good arguments about why it should not be automated, because its a decision that you have to make and has consequences.

I think Auto Unit Queuing is the next big thing. Like Auto Farm Reseeding and Fish Trap Rebuilding, it is a tax that gives you nothing in return. You already know that you are going to either continuously crank out villagers, or you are going to stop doing it. It’s not like you play the game and think “I must build only 5 villagers this time around” You build them, or you stop building them because you need resources or pop space elsewhere. Just like Auto Farms and Auto Fish Traps.

It’s not like building your second or third town center, which can fundamentally impact your strategy. Or deciding to build extra barracks, or even placing your houses (which might be used to form a wall in the beginning of the game).

Not being able to auto queue villagers is just a tax your APM without anything to show for it. It’s just a way of doing worse, not doing better.

And again, this isn’t an argument for automating everything or a lot of things. But, we already automate dodging, and patrol is a form of automation as well. I’m just curious why we draw the line at things that are a drag on the game.

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It’s the second time I get this reply and I think you’re right, that’s why I closed the poll. I purty that way because I was really upset agains certain opinions, and particularly agains one or two persons in this forum.

Please, don’t ever reply again to one of my threads. I want serious, mature opinions. Not trols. Thanks


MODS: close this toppic, please. I’m opening a new one